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    I gots my name back!

    Thanks for getting my old name back Sir Steve.
    So, what was the problem in the first place?

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    *sighs* I still like Bob....

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    I know the true identity of Master Jedi and let me tell you that he's no Jedi!!

    For his true identity is Cha-*clubbed in the head by a mysterious man in a trenchcoat and dragged away*

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    That seems to happen a lot around here.
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    As I understand it, the problem basically was at that time, SirSteve didn't have any way to authenticate which person claiming to be "master jedi" was the one from the old forums. Obviously both of you COULD claim to be the real mccoy, so it required a little investigation to prove which MJ was which.

    We recently had someone sign up with his old forums name, didn't respond to the register confirmation email, and thought someone else had stolen his name when it was he himself. Stuff happens, so there's no one way to be sure what's going on.
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    You always were master jedi to me bunky!!
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