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    Keane...sweet Band!

    Does anyone here like Keane? They are a very interesting band to say the least. A vocalist (male) who can sing high notes, a pianist, and a drummer; together they compose the band. Their debut album is "Hopes and Fears". I just bought it and I have enjoyed it immensely. Their sound seems to flow nicely and the lyrics are deep.

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    Re: Keane...sweet Band!

    That one current single of theirs isn't bad but I've heard it way too many times.
    I saw them on SNL a few weeks back, not bad.
    Nothing I feel compelled to buy, though.

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    Re: Keane...sweet Band!

    They seem to be the annoying flavor of the week.
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    Thumbs up Re: Keane...sweet Band!

    I bought this album the other day and I love it.

    IMO the best tracks aren't the songs that get the most radio play. Especially "Bedshaped," man thats a great song.
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    Re: Keane...sweet Band!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy
    They seem to be the annoying flavor of the week.
    My thought exactly. If the single is any example of the rest of their stuff... yawn. The local alternative station in SLC has been trying to promote a show in May since Jan or Feb. They only way they can get butts in the seats is by giving away tix, which they do every other hour.
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    Re: Keane...sweet Band!

    its nice that you like keane but imo they are one of the worst bands this country has produced in many a long year. boring doesn't come into it. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Re: Keane...sweet Band!

    They seem to be a love them or hate them band. I find myself liking them. They're songs have a hummability to them which is what I look for in music.


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