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    The U2 Discussion thread

    If you click onto and click the AOL/Listen now button (it will activate AOl Radio... or you have the option to install for free) and then click on the U2 banner on the homepage, it will activate the streaming.

    The album is nothing short of amazing!!!

    They will be playing "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" in its entirety, non-stop, all day today, 11 November 2004, until midnight!!!

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    Re: U2 album preview NOW!

    Yeah, i, uh, um, have heard this album in its entire beauty for about a week now and im' blown away. Definately getting this when it comes out on the 23rd!
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    Re: U2 album preview NOW!

    I am certainly getting my fill of it. It's really amazing...
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    Re: U2 album preview NOW!

    I don't really listen to U2, but when that itunes commercial for Vertigo comes on television, I always have to stop and watch it.

    I also enjoy their Electrical Storm music video. I don't know why that is, either.

    That's about all the U2 knowledge and experience I have to share.

    EDIT-I just remembered they had a song on Rob Zombie's Ramones tribute cd, which I own. "Beat on the brat, beat on the brat..."

    Ok, now that's all I officially know about U2. Maybe it'll change with a purchase of this new album.
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    Re: U2 album preview NOW!


    Damn, am I ever sick of that song.

    Still, I like much of what U2 has done in the past so I'd be curious to hear some other cuts from this album.

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    Re: U2 album preview NOW!

    Got the album today. I was already fairly familiar with Vertigo as its been playing for a few weeks now. I just have to get the gist/jist (sp) of the other songs. They don't instantly strike me as songs I'd get excited about but with further listening I expect at least some of them will. Thats always how it goes with me whenever I start listening to a new album from a band I like.

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    Re: U2 album preview NOW!

    Excellent album, but I expected no less from U2. It's their best CD since. . . All That You Can't Leave Behind! (That sounds like not much praise, but it is better than the incomplete GH compilation and the shoddily picked B-Sides compilation that came with it.)

    I'm getting ready to drive home and give it a fourth listen.

    I'd like to propose to Master Guyote and Master Partnr that we rename this "The U2 Thread" so we can discuss all things U2?
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