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    Movies that were over-hyped

    I have a huge list, but the one that is freshest in my mind (since I watched it last nite) is "Ray". It was a good movie and Jamie Foxx did a great job as Ray Charles, but people talked about this movie like it was the next coming of God. Had people not blabbed about it for weeks beforehand, I might have liked it a bit more. But I was expecting the glorious, life-altering film everyone was talking about and it was far from that.
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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    This really isnt a movie but... HALO 2 way to muuchhh hype. It still is one of teh greatest games of all time but it didnt meet my expectations.

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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    ET: The Extraterrestrial. Yeah sure, it was a good movie, but it certainly isn't the movie it's been revered as.

    The Matrix series. What a pile of superficial crap that was. Pretending to be "deep." Ugh.

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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    I thought the movie The Village was overhyped. I know, it came from the same mind that brought us The Sixth Sense and Signs, but I thought the story was slow, and in the end I was just flabbergasted. I could not believe the angle it took. It had a typical M. Night Shymalan ending, but not in the kind that intrigues you.
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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    Shrek 2, definitely. This film had a marketing program to rival ROTS (well, maybe not as much) and it wasn't that great. Everyone hails it as the best damn thing ever, and really, it's far from it.
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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    I agree with the "Halo 2" statement. It just didn't live up to expectations. Here are mine:

    Napoleon Dynamite: I know a lot of you may add me to your Ignore lists because of this, since you're huge fans of this movie, but just hear me out. I didn't think that it was that bad of a movie. But what happened with me was that I thought it would be the funniest movie I'd ever see, judging from all the hype. I rented it a few weeks ago and I didn't really find it all that funny. To me, it just got kind of boring after a while. It was a movie trying to be different, which I applaud, since I loved "Clerks", which was about as different as you can get. But to me, "Clerks" succeeded and "Napoleon Dynamite" failed. I don't know why, but it just didn't do it for me. And I already know that I am part of the 3 people that didn't think this movie was all that funny.

    Shark Tale: Reviews praised it, but long story short, I go into the theater and I walk out an hour later. Crappy movie that insulted my intelligence!

    That's all I can think of right now.
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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    Titanic: If you were surprised the boat sank then you need help. And it also took SW #1 box office spot.

    The Village: The title is 'nuf said. Bleh!!
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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    Dances with Wolves: Wish this one would 'Sleep with the Fishes'.

    Austin Powers in Goldmember: No, baby, no!

    The Return of the King: This one will get me in trouble I'm sure. I thought FOTR and TTT were brilliant and that they both should have won for best picture (And Peter Jackson as well). I was really disappointed in ROTK though and I thought it's Oscars were mostly a statement on the trilogy as a whole and not that picture. (The extended edition is much better though, IMO)

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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    Off the top of my head:
    Underworld - Quite possibly the worst action movie ever. Not even Kate Bekinsale in tight black leather could help it. But it did have an awesome trailer though.
    LOTR trilogy - So very boring. I've never looked at my watch so many times during a movie. I still refuse to see the third one.
    Matrix Sequels - I still like the first one, but the less said the better about the other two.
    Van Helsing - Boring and predictable, with the worst versions of Frankenstein and Dracula ever. Where were Abbot and Costello when I needed them?
    Shrek 2 - Ummm...wasn't it supossed to be funny?
    Pearl Harbor - There is about 15 watchable minutes (the attack). Othe wise it's a chick flick.
    Armageddon - Another chick flick disguised as an action movie.
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    Re: Movies that were over-hyped

    The Matrix: Way overhyped, good effects, bad story and acting....

    Braveheart:I cant stand this movie. It put me to sleepat every attemptto view it.

    Titanic: Decent movie, worth watching once

    Finding Nemo: Not funny, not cute not anything but the computer it was created on...
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