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    CIII or Every ROTS figure

    I have a chice cause i have to pay for a plane ticket for CIII. I pay for plane, CIII, CIII stuff, and hotel. Or every ROTS fig I cant choose

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    Re: CIII or Every ROTS figure

    For what it's worth, in my opinion, the toys will always be around. CIII will happen once. You may have to delay obtaining the figures, but you can't go back in time to enjoy CIII. Plus, inevitably the figures (most of them) will probably go on clearance so in the end, you'll wind up saving money. You may have to pay a slight premium on the occasional special figure or hard to find item, but in the end, it should balance itself out with the clearance sales.

    Do as you will.

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    Re: CIII or Every ROTS figure

    How are you getting there?

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    Re: CIII or Every ROTS figure

    Quote Originally Posted by Halofanatic
    How are you getting there?
    ME? I'm not going. But have a good time.

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    Re: CIII or Every ROTS figure

    O cause im in cali too, and it adds up with a plane and hotel and car

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    Re: CIII or Every ROTS figure

    I agree with teh sentiment above that the figures will still be there. About the only ones you may have a problem find are the clones, so get some of those on 4/2 and save the rest for after C3.

    Also agree with the statement that these figs will go on sale eventually and you can pick them up for cheap.
    Move along, move along


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