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Thread: OTC Bespin Luke

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    OTC Bespin Luke

    What new features does this figure have, besides the different peg on its removable hand? Also, is this new peg easier to keep the hand on his wrist?

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    Re: OTC Bespin Luke

    The only major difference that I know of is the paint application is changed. The Saga version has the 'Battle damage', with the bloody face and the sweaty/wrinkled fabric. I haven't taken my OTC Luke out of the bubble so I can't really address the hand issue.

    (Oh, almost forgot that of course the Saga version comes with the 'Weather Vane' and the OTC version doesn't)

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    Re: OTC Bespin Luke

    I believe it was mostly repainted and the weather vane issue.Other than that it was the same.
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    Re: OTC Bespin Luke

    I don't think the hand stays on better. The non-bloody saga one with the big magnet peg sticking out of the hand stays attached pretty well, adn I never opened the bloody one. the Otc looks like the same style as the bloody stump minus the paint. I've almost lost the Otc hand a few times because it cant hold the weight of the lightsaber, and doing the action feature produces a similar effect to the saber throwing vader.

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    Re: OTC Bespin Luke

    The action button on the back is shorter than the Saga version, this affects the gimmick slightly so that he doesn't turn as far since the button can't be pushed as far in now.

    As for the hand, it does seem to come off easier than either Saga version, but it looks better when it does this.
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