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Thread: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    I think they did change the rules of where the goalie can handle the puck. I'm not sure if I like the shoot out, but it is better than the 3-point win thing they did the past few years. I didn't mind ties, well, the old system at least.

    It is good they made goalie pads smaller. Did you ever see Anaheim's Giguerre without his pads on? Noticed how his stats dropped off the year after they lost the Cup? Because that offseason, they made goalie pads smaller. There won't be that many players that head back to Europe. There is going to be major turnover on all the teams...tons of free agents out there. Colorado and some of the other big money teams are screwed because they are already pushing the cap limit, even after the 24% roll back in salaries.

    Hopefully this Crosby kid lives up to the hype for the Penguins.

    I miss the old divisions also.
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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    The goalie's stickhandling is to be dealt with via assessment of minor penalties, as opposed to allowing the other team to drill him. They've also made it illegal for any defensive player (no longer just the goalie) to shoot the puck into the stands from their own end (usually done to get a stoppage and the line change that comes with it). Teams icing the puck will no longer be allowed to change lines after the whistle. Goalie pads are smaller and the 2 line pass will be allowed as mentioned above. They're also going to move the nets back to within 2 feet of the end boards, greatly reducing the space behind the net. The "tag-up" offside rule is back (allowing the play to continue as long as offside players clear the zone before joining the attack).

    They want more space (and less clutching and grabbing) in the offensive zones to help maximize scoring and "showcase talent". For all it's worth, none of it will be worth jack squat unless they stop threatening the defensive players and start sending them to the box for holding.

    I'm greatly relieved that the deal is done, and just a little satisfied to see the players take it this time. The owners really suffered through the last deal and the players had the option to sign a much more advantageous deal in February. Hindsight being 20/20, I'm sure many of them are wonding why it didn't get signed back then.

    Crosby is the real deal. My London Knights had to cope with him during their Memorial Cup championship run in May, and he's about as dominant a player as has come along since Mario Lemieux. Even if he's slow to develop as a pro, take a look at guys like Scott Thornton and John Leclair that had to grow into their professional selves - mark my words: barring injury, Crosby will be an absolute ringer for years to come.

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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    I always liked the tag-up offsides rule better, although, it is hard to explain to someone who doesn't know hockey.

    In the US this afternoon, ESPN News switched over to TSN for the draft coverage. It was nice to see someone besides Darren Pang, Barry Melrose, and Bill Clement covering hockey.
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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    What's the matter Rouge II you don't like Barry's mullet? I'm not much of a hockey fan but I do watch from time to time, its going to be tough for the league to get themselves out of this one. Rule changes and free parking isn't going to do it, what they need is what happened in baseball: something magical to happen. Something fans can all get behind.

    Its good to see the lottery wasn't rigged and the Penguins got the #1 pick.

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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    Well, speaking of something magical, I think Sidney Crosby might provide enough interest to bring back quite a few fans. Seems like Pittsburgh can't die - just when you thought they were completely through, another golden calf walks into the fold. I'd love to see Mario lace em up for at least one game with Sid the Kid, to pass the torch so to speak.

    PO'd as as I was to miss a whole season, I've forgiven them and am ready for the season to start this year. Both sides had a job to do, and now it's done. Drop the puck.

    EDITED: Even Chris Berman loves the old divisions - he always calls the NFC Central the "Norris" division as a nod to the old school NHL days.

    Since there are now 6 divisions in the two conferences, who's names would you add?


    Smythe Division
    Norris Division
    Gretzky Division (to honour Wayne's achievements and development of the games grassroots in the southwestern US)


    Adams Division
    Patrick Division
    ***** Division (to honour someone I can't name who's helped bring hockey to the southeastern US - though it seems to be barely hanging on in these markets).
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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    They skipped a season of hockey ? Hadn't noticed.

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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    Hmmm, you've presented a real poser there JJ
    Not sure if I like the thought of 2 feet between the nets and the backboards
    Tag-up offsides is a WICKED concept, I hadn't yet heard that nad am pleased as punch to know they got that incorporated
    Not allowing the goalie to carry the puck behind the net is a good one too, although with the aforementioned changes to net location it won't be as big as if it were introduced a few years ago (when the "back 40" was created, IMO one of the main reasons for the shortage of scoring)

    The "no-line changes after icing" rule could be an interesting one too, I imagine we'll see a lot of slip-ups in the first few months as teams attempt to work out quick changes after the face-offs.. and adding "delay of game" penalties (which I imagine must be in there somewhere) for players as well as goalies should help out a bit too- I can't STAND watching several face-offs in a few minutes as a team just keeps reefing the puck into the stands until they get the drop to shape up just so

    I am curious to see how the TV deals shake down, especially up here- I really hope I can avoid getting cable, since hockey is the only thing I would really watch
    Too bad about last season, but in my mind it may actually help me to enjoy hockey a bit more this season, and the rules changes have got me pretty stoked
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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds
    Its good to see the lottery wasn't rigged and the Penguins got the #1 pick.

    No kidding, I was fully expecting to see the Rangers get the #1 pick. There was some guy on ESPN saying that the NHL needs Crosby in a big market in order to survive.
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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    See, I'm not sure about that. Pittsburgh is a semi-traditional hockey city, having had a team for nearly 40 years at this point and having won 2 cups back in the early 90s. The league needs interest in these types of places, especially the ones in which interest has been fleeting of late (and I'm thinking of Pittsburgh, Buffalo and even Boston when I type this). The Rangers getting Crosby would have been a tragedy, they don't seem to be able to manage their team worth stink. They would have brought him in under such a fanfare that the rest of the team would have their noses out of joint - not that most of them don't already, the way they get spoiled in Manhattan. Lindros "needed" to be in a big US centre too, remember? And all he did in Philly was shy away from the camera, not live up to expectations, and miss games due to concussions received while he was busy looking at the puck he was stickhandling. No saviour there.

    Crosby will rejuvinate interest in hockey in Pittsburgh, something I don't think anyone else, even Mario, could do at this point.

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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    I don't agree with that guy either. He actually ticked me off because he went as far as suggesting Bettman throw a couple extra balls in the pot for the Rangers. He put down small market teams like Pittsburgh, the Senators, and Buffalo. The Buffalo part really hurt, because they are my team. I can't quite remember who this jackarse was, but I think he was a former GM.

    By the way, the Flyers bought out Leclair's and Amonte's contracts.
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