I think they did change the rules of where the goalie can handle the puck. I'm not sure if I like the shoot out, but it is better than the 3-point win thing they did the past few years. I didn't mind ties, well, the old system at least.

It is good they made goalie pads smaller. Did you ever see Anaheim's Giguerre without his pads on? Noticed how his stats dropped off the year after they lost the Cup? Because that offseason, they made goalie pads smaller. There won't be that many players that head back to Europe. There is going to be major turnover on all the teams...tons of free agents out there. Colorado and some of the other big money teams are screwed because they are already pushing the cap limit, even after the 24% roll back in salaries.

Hopefully this Crosby kid lives up to the hype for the Penguins.

I miss the old divisions also.