LOVE the shootouts! Ties are useless.

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To me the one rule that should change is if the Goalie comes out of the crease to play the puck, he needs to get nailed.
Could not agree more.
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Did you ever see Anaheim's Giguerre without his pads on? Noticed how his stats dropped off the year after they lost the Cup? Because that offseason, they made goalie pads smaller.
I call it a flash in the pan.
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In the US this afternoon, ESPN News switched over to TSN for the draft coverage. It was nice to see someone besides Darren Pang, Barry Melrose, and Bill Clement covering hockey.
Well, it does take a while to thaw 'em out. They've been in the back of ESPN's freezer for over year now.
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***** Division (to honour someone I can't name who's helped bring hockey to the southeastern US - though it seems to be barely hanging on in these markets).
Wouldn't that one be Gretzky? Wasn't that his main reason for helping Pheonix out - to bring hockey to places where hockey doesn't belong?