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Thread: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason
    The game live has a whole different appeal, especially when you're in a building full of die hards. Hockey at the Joe is unlike any other experience, totally addictive. How could you NOT want to go back after seeing that?
    Ah. if only everyone could see one game at Joe Louis's a 2 1/2 hour adrenaline rush.
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    Re: N.h.l. - R.i.p.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy
    Ah. if only everyone could see one game at Joe Louis's a 2 1/2 hour adrenaline rush.

    No kidding. My childhood hockey game trips with my Dad were all to Joe Louis, even though we lived in London (halfway between Toronto and Detroit). Guess who Dad roots for?

    I saw Gretzky twice, the 2nd time he scored his 76th goal of the season to tie Phil Esposito's record - he broke the record the next night in Buffalo.

    To anyone who feels priced out by the unjust price on Wings tickets, please let me offer you a suggestion: every year around Christmas time, the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans host the Great Lakes Invitational NCAA hockey tournament. It consists of 2 days 4 teams playing round robin games, followed by the Championship game and 3rd place game on the 3rd day. This is awesome hockey, and the tournament passes are very reasonably priced. My brother and I went every year for 4 years running while his high school locker partner played for the Wolverines - it was amazing. 3 out of the 4 years we saw Michigan (featuring John Madden of the Devils, Mike Knuble of the Bruins, Marty Turco of the Stars and Brendan Morrison of the Canucks) play Michigan State (featuring the unbelievably speedy Anson Carter) for the championship. Michigan was dominant in those times, and managed to win each year we went. It was awesome, and the multitude of crazy Spartans and Wolverines fans did an excellent job of recreating the excitement felt at the average Wings game.

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    Wow, I can't believe it's been over 3 years already since the NHL died.

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    Could it be another death this season? Will someone create a Skating Dead TV show?
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    ... aaaaaaand there goes November.
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    The NHL had a growing reputation, which is important for constantly being dead last in the 4 major professional sporting team leagues, especially with an initial Cup win in a long-standing popular franchise, but they chose to fritter away any momentum they may have gained. Goodbye to the many fans who showed any remote interest in the sport during last season's playoffs and goodbye to the casual fans who cannot stomach its 4th major labor stoppage in 20 years. If the NHL cancels another season I am done buying tickets for a great long time.
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    You know, why would hockey need things like the Outdoor Classic, All-Star Game, or any games before Dec. 14 anyway?
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    At least here in Cali we have some Reign to do us some good...
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    There've been some NHLers who are now playing in the ECHL minors this season.
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    Opening day... on Jan. 19th? Oh, well. Penguins win over the Flyers on the road.
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