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    home cleaning.....needs application

    hi all! this time i am not talking about cleaning my place out like in the boredom-relief thread. i'm actually needing to be held accountable for making some progress, ok...

    i start my chores every day and I make a little progress, but I need to see if I'm actually getting something done. is this a good plan for achieving it? i'm leaning to no, but it's a great way to help me procrastinate. I have plenty of time to accomplish this since it may be almost up to March before I need to be in my office for some full-time days, but I also want my place totally organized and ridden of stuff I won't want to move to my new house. I plan on buying and closing sometime into summer.

    thanks for help in advance!


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    Well I shaved so I'll be clean-cut for a meeting and a presentation I have to make tonight.

    While I was doing so, and then washing off, I had started sorting my CDs - soundtracks first.

    In fact, I've been playing The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and now A New Hope.

    I think I like Attack of the Clones soundtrack the best. It's easily the most listenable to.

    I am also sorting my community project files.

    I've divided things up to make them easier to find:

    1 major file section for each redevelopment area I have projects in that I vote on...

    Subsections for large and small projects.... - I'm sorting through the small project file folders to eliminate duplicate information or outdated files.

    I also separated the stuff I sit on committees on to sort out later, but to make it more easily accessable for when my boards review something.

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    Re: home cleaning.....needs application

    If you want to get rid of junk have a grage sale, they work good, and save me a box of figs to come buy off you cheep^^

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    Well, I've been to the gym and weight lifted and did 24 minutes on the bike and then some on the cross-trainer.

    I ordered my guest bathroom shower re-repaired, I'm still getting more out of the spout than the shower head due to an old valve being cracked.

    I made a follow-up call on the grant funding of my community's and university's homecoming parade of which I am on the board of directors.

    I made several calls in to our local state, county, and police department officials to have VIPs attend an awards ceremony for our prior Council president who'd retired.

    Now I'm going to look into another foundation for a grant for our parade.

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    Re: home cleaning.....needs application

    You know Tycho, they have things like Blog's and Live Journal for stuff like this.

    Just a suggestion, since it's not really a General Discussion.

    It's a 'Snapshot of Tycho's Day'. ;p

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Re: home cleaning.....needs application

    Yeah, I know, JarJar. But SSG seems to be starting to host blog-threads. There's another one in this forum. Please feel free to tell us every detail about your day, too.

    I'm about to listen to The Empire Strikes Back Soundtrack now as I have a light snack (or maybe an early dinner) before I head to my library foundation board meeting in an hour or so. I had been replying to my thread that concerns the military making real-life Terminators in the Rancor Pit.

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    Re: home cleaning.....needs application

    Five stars!
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    Re: home cleaning.....needs application

    Touche, Tycho. I just fear the day when you start discussing Dietary Fiber, Prunes, and the Bathroom with people here. Then it's time to call in the folks with the big white jackets with buckles.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Re: home cleaning.....needs application

    Well I spent my evening getting nothing done around the house because I wasn't home.

    At the library foundation meeting I reported on our fundraising status and what government money we were getting through matching funds. Then I volunteered to get the photos of our construction tour "jpeg'd" so they could be added to our website we're developing and made into the powerpoint presentation we're using at the next local carnival and street fair next month.

    Following that I went to my next community council meeting and reported on the same, as well as enlisted golfers in our annual golf-tournament we use to fund Park and Recreation programs for kids in such manner as to buy sports team uniforms, equipment, arts & craft supplies, pay for guest speakers / educators to augment our programs, and plant trees and dedicated park benches and improve handicap facilities.

    I had to come home fast following my meetings because my girlfriend was waiting on me for over a half hour to watch Gettysburg since she had to read The Killer Angels for a class. It's hard enough to get her to watch war movies with me, and at least this one she had an excuse to watch it with me. We only got through Part One and the Battle of Little Round Top with Col. Chamberlain's Charge (my favorite part anyway). Tomorrow or over the weekend we might see Part Two and Pickett's Charge and Lee's Defeat at the hands of General Meade. The soundtrack is still playing in my head so much that I might go put the CD on...

    Meanwhile, I start tomorrow with a Parade Director's Board meeting at 7:30 in the morning so I have to get to sleep soon, but I must print out the Grant Applications forms for a new grant I found that's due in by March 11th (I think) so that those who are contributing reports for the effort can have some time to get organized (well 3 weeks about) before we apply for the money, as we should come up with $16,000 to meet our current fund-rasing goal.

    Right now I have occasion to spend some time responding to Stillakid in our all-important discussion about Terminators and the US Military (Rancor Pit).

    Then it's report time and finally bed time. I hope to get at least 6 hours sleep tonight.

    By the way, I like how my thread was moved to the "other section" out of general discussion, while another notorious "blog" remains there as it's so highly relevant. Typical. The new editing challenge is for some folks to find the thread where I already discussed and predicted this would happen.
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    Re: home cleaning.....needs application

    If anyone other than Tycho gave this five stars then you should really evalute your life.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!


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