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    Nightmares of Lovecraft

    Talk about conversation pieces. Can't wait until I get the "what the hell is that" responses from people who are unfamiliar with the Lovecraft work.

    mabudon, I know you were interested in this line. Nice to have something to fill up the joyless hole Hasbro SW collecting has left in me.
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    Re: Nightmares of Lovecraft

    those look awesome... i must say, i haven't read any lovecraft, but after hearing that it influenced hellboy, and seeing these monsters, i'm going to have to check it out...
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    Re: Nightmares of Lovecraft

    I enjoy Lovecraft and I'll definitely be keeping my eye on these, pretty gruesome stuff, which is right up my alley.

    "...Once I saw him monstrously perched atop a mountain of bones, and wondered at the secrets that might lie behind his yellow eyes." -HP
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    Re: Nightmares of Lovecraft

    Man, those things are freaky, count me in.
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    Re: Nightmares of Lovecraft

    Ahh yes, good stuff JBF, I recall seeing that Cthulu pic courtesy of yourself some time ago, man those are slick.... looks like a couple of must haves in that set
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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