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    Changes to the Original Trilogy!

    Scroll down to Spy Report: The Definitive DVD Collection.

    All I have to say is, a holographic picture of Qui-Gon added to Old Ben's house? I don't know about that.......

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    The only things I would do are:

    "Fix" Jabba in ANH- he looks so bad there... they did a much better job with him in TPM.

    Also (per the link) add a couple scenes of Emperor Palpatine in ANH and ESB... not just a passing reference. Also replace the Emperor hologram in ESB with Ian since he played Sidious/Palpatine in the rest of the saga.

    Oh, right... bring back Anchorhead.
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    Did you read what was on the link? Someone claims they are going to add the Emperor to ANH as well as Bail Organa and all sorts of other stuff.

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    yes I did... I said, "(per the link)" when speaking of adding the Emperor.

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    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    Oh, duh, I didn't see that part. Sometimes I read too fast for my own good.

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    Just sounds like wishful thinking from someone with an overactive imagination to me.

    But if they get Ian to redo the ESB Emperor scene I'll be happy....

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    Is there anything wrong with leaving a classic film alone? I hope this is either mistaken, or it will supplement a more traditional DVD release of the films. If it's like The Godfather set from a couple of years ago (a re-worked, cohesive narrative made by merging and rearranging scenes from the films), it would be a nice piece to have. If it's the only way to get the series, it is a dark day for us all.

    And even if they do this as a supplement, I sincerely hope that the part about the Emperor and Bail in E4 is mistaken. For one thing, it undermines how Vader was previously portrayed as being subordinate to Tarkin. For another, it makes Tarkin less of a baddie if he's following orders to blow up Alderaan.

    And if the bit about the Coruscant scene in E5 is right, I want to see John Malkovich portraying Xizor! Yeah, he's among my least faves, but still, it'd be cool.
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    Me no likey.

    I hope whoever posted that TF.N "news" is a dirty, dirty liar.

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    Like Emp. Jargo said, it's probaby just wishful thinking on the part of some fan. If it does turn out to be true, then I hope they use the advances they made with Ep1-3 to blend the changes in better than the SE's
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    Feh to this idea!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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