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    Where Did It All Start?

    I'm wanting to know what started you in the business of Star Wars collecting. Was it getting Darth Vader for your 5th birthday, was it finding a cache in grandma's attic, or did you just buy a vehicle on a whim at TRU and that started the snowball effect?

    For me it was the POTF2 Lando. I was into Lego's at the time before SW Lego's and at the time Lando was tough to find and going for about $40 so I was instructed to buy him. Well as we know you can find him on internet sites for a couple of bucks but I'm glad that I bought that figure now because I'm having fun being 23 and still buying toys. Without my collection I don't know what I'd be spending all of my money on nor do I want to find.
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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    My first distinct memory was grandma dropping by my mom's house with all the figures and the X-wing, but I may have had figures before that. However, I think my obsession didn't start until I got the micro series Snowspeeder, I loved that thing so much but lost it in a sandbox at school recreating Luke's crash. I got a lot of the figures after that, but it wasn't the same and SW collecting eventually faded out for me. Then, while I was living in Arizona in '93, I took the bus to TRU and came across the new Micro Machines Space series that featured 3 3packs each of Star Trek and Star Wars, I was soooooo excited but fairly broke so I bought 2 of the Trek sets and the ANH and ESB SW sets. Fast forward to '95, I was shopping at Food for Less and came across a box of Fruit Loops that had a Star Wars action figure photo on the box, I did the mail-away and eventually got my Han Solo in stormtrooper disguise (I have a thing for figures with removable helmets) and the next day went out and bought Luke & Vader at Thrifty Drugs. Somehwhere in this period, I also came across the first wave of Action Fleet, from which I bought the X-wing and the Snowspeeder. From there, it just snowballed.
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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    I remember collecting some of the vintage line when I was 4-6 years old (which would be the mid-1980s), but my present collection didn't start until I was in 8th grade (circa 1995) and I finally drug out my battered copy of "Heir to the Empire" by Timothy Zahn. Because I was older, I understood the themes of the saga better, and that book just swept me away. I started with just the books and some of the POTF2 merchandise when it was first released. Then, it was onto the music scores and after's all just one nine-year long blur--"snowball" effect I suppose.
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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    I had a lot of the vintage figures as a kid. I stopped buying shortly before or during Power of the Force, and only bought one figure with a coin, one of the Ewoks (Romba or Warok).

    In 1995-1996 I ignored the first waves of POTF2. I didn't care for the hulkish features and wasn't really into buying "toys". But I decided to buy just Boba Fett. Then I just bought Vader. Then I bought R2-D2 and C-3P0. It started to snowball, but I only wanted certain figures. I knew I had missed the Han Stormtrooper so I didn't plan to get all of them. But then someone gave me the Froot Loops Han Stormtrooper and I decided that I would get all of them. I went crazy looking for the Greedo/Jawas/Sandtrooper wave. I was so excited when the Sandtrooper came out and I realized they were going to make figures not made in the vintage line.

    I gave up on being a completist almost completely because I didn't like the Deluxe Luke, Deluxe Han, or Deluxe Boba Fett. But it was a number of years before I passed on a non-Expanded Universe basic carded figure. I think the first ones I passed on were from the first waves of Episode II figures.

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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    Vintage - Mom found some poor soul's lost Chewbacca toy before it could be eaten by the lawnmower.
    Modern - Wizard had the first pics I saw of Hasbro's new line of Star Wars figures. I flipped! They were freakin' sweet! Artoo was the first one I saw and bought him on the spot. A few weeks later I found all but 1 of the first wave (Obiw-Wan or Leia was the missing one, I think). I happened to have the cash, so I bought them all. I continued for a while (98 or 99), until it got too expensive to buy them all, so I started buying only the ones I wanted when the TPM figures arrived.
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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    I must've been three when I got a Jawa and Tusken for Christmas one year. At least I think those were the first two. My memories that far back aren't 100% clear, but I know both of those were very early, and I got extras of both of them within a couple of years. No vinyl capes on the Jawas, though, and none of the figures are in any shape to write home about now.
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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    I think my first Star Wars action figure was either the vintage R2 or a Jawa. My obsession with the movies and toys just grew from there. I still have a large vintage collection but the oldest stuff has a lot of playwear. The "newer" figures and vehicles I have - those from ROTJ, POTF, and DROIDS - are still in like-new condidtion since by that time I just set up static displays. I could only find POTF and DROIDS figures at KB Toys. And given their $3-4 price range, which was a princely sum to me at the time, I could only get a few of the POTF collection. I did buy almost all the DROIDS animated figures though, but none of the EWOKS. So my vintage figure collection is incomplete to this day.

    In the early 90s I finally broke down and read Timothy Zahn's new trilogy which was heating up the bestseller's lists. It wasn't as bad as I expected and I think the buzz surrounding Zahn's success really brought Star Wars back to life. I started reading the new comics and collected the new cards. Then I discovered that Lucasfilm had a fanclub and subscribed (for Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was big then). Through them I learned about the Bendable figures, Galoob micromachines, Action Masters (diecast figurines), and finally the big news, Kenner's new 3-3/4" line.

    I nearly walked right by the initial wave of POTF figures at Hills Department store in late Summer '95. They didn't have them all - Lando and Leia were hard to find initially - but I eventually got them. It didn't take long for me to stop being a completist - the first casualty was Galoob's stuff. But I've stuck with the basic figure line and vehicles, plus the occasional 12".

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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    The first figure I got, oddly enough, was the SOTE Chewbacca in Bounty Hunter Disguise. I just liked the look of him, for whatever reason. Coincidentally, I got his between the times when I saw ESB and ROTJ, even though I had no idea what SOTE was about. I then got Han Solo in Carbonite and R5-D4 (hey, I was 7 ) and it kind of grew from there. I didn't get into it until after I saw the SEs, which was the first time I saw any of them at all.

    I guess the first real Star Wars toy I got was the levitating Cloud City from Taco Bell, before I saw the films. Mmm . . . Taco Bell . . .
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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    First off, nice choice for a thread.

    I have to say I started after my younger brother started to get the POTF2 line in 95 and my first carded figure that I bought was Chewbacca from the SOTE line and I've been hot and cold over the years buying figures with only around 100 in my stash so far, but I plan on getting the entire ROTS line and then calming down for a little bit and then ebaying for a lot of the figures I don't have. I'm very happy that I started to collect again, because while other people are spending money on clothes that cost an arm and a leg, I still dress with style and buy DVD's and have a good hobby as well.
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    Re: Where Did It All Start?

    I guess for me it started when that massive Star Destroyer crawled across the big screen on May 25th 1977. Ever since then my collection has been growing. Everything from comics to books, from CD's to VHS and DVD, still have the original releases of the Classic Trilogy. Several movies prop ranging from a esb skywalker blaster and lightsaber set signed by Mark Hamill, to a Return of the Jedi Skywalker Lightsaber. Over 1000 loose figures including all of the vintage Kenner figures and roughly 600 carded figures including a vintage ESB Yoda, A Toy Fair Vader, and the entire line of the new vintage line. All of the Topps Cards, models, costumes, shirts, posters, etc.
    When I saw the Devastator blasting away at the Tantive IV I was hooked and knew I had to have as much as I could get. For me Star Wars is more than just a movie saga, it's a dive into the imagination ocean of dreams. It is truly one of the reasons why I became an artist.
    I am so looking forward to the ROTS figures and Merchandise, can't wait to see the media blitz of ROTS stuff and all the shelfs throughout the world.
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