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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    Theres still like a dozen or so more actors that do conventions they could still get.
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    Billy Dee Williams! Just signed on today!

    Jake Lloyd is also attending but no word on wether hes actually signing or not. I assume he will.
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    ah, billy dee...i'm pumped that he's coming! this list is getting bigger ever day...good news!
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!


    I was to cheap to get autographs at CII --not this time!! I still have hopes that Mark or Carrie will show up. Even Tony Daniels.

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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    Did anyone else see that at least one of the Tonnika sisters will be there? I saw it posted about 2 weeks ago and had just forgotten to comment on it. Way Cool! If you see her there pressure her to let them make a fig of her.
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    Yeah I saw her -good guest! She and the other girl have been obscure in anything appearence related. Would be great if they had them both going.

    Theres about 2-3 confirmed guests still on tap. Should be announced in the next week or 2. Fisher, Lee, Daniels, Hamill will be last minute if they pull them off.
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    They recently announced Temuera Morrison which is pretty cool. I has holding out for a bigger surprise than that, however. They also recently posted the pictures that will be available for CIII, over 100 different! What troubles me. . . is that if the pics were released, what is the possibility of more celebrities being announced? Sure, they could be holding those pictures back, but the blurb about more being announced has also vanished from the guest page. At this point I'm planning on this being the final list, and I'm going to start figuring out who I need, and who I want on what. I'm definitely thinking about the Celebration III Photo set for $199.99. It seems like a lot at first glance, but with all those photos (and hopefully a few more) its less than $2 a pop. Even if I don't use them all in Indy, I'll have some for later dates. I can't wait. . . less than 30 days away!!!!! wooHOOOO!

    Oh. . . here's my final stab at the headliner:

    Within a week or two they will announce. . .

    Ian McDiarmid

    Eh. . . we can wish, right?
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    I just noticed that two of the official Celebration III pictures are of Warwick Davis. Last I checked he wasn't even an autograph guest. What's the deal with that?!?!? Also. . . there are no pics for Jay Laga'aia, or Jake Lloyd. I figured Jay would be busy, but Jake?!?!? He's just going to be there to talk?!?!?! That seems a little silly to me. I think I'll be bringing a few pics of the non-autograph guests just to be safe though. . . there may be opportunities throughout the weekend.
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    It seems silly just to go there and talk without signing. I'll bet Jake will be signing some things. I'm gonna buy a photo at the convention anyways for him to sign on chance.

    I dont know bobafett07728, Ian McDiarmid is a big long shot. Hes a very private person, doesnt usually do any kind of signing or appearances for that matter. He has NO website, fanclub or anything. But anythings possible.

    OfficialPix is offering some nice photos -but some of them are so-so. I dont like any of the photos for Tem Morrison, I'll buy a different one I like from a dealer probably. The Chewbacca and Tarful pictures are nice! Too bad we cant enlarge them yet to get a clearer picture.
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    Re: Official CIII Guest List!

    I wouldn't count on Jake signing anything unless you catch him out and about. I know Hayden, Temuera, and a few others didn't officially sign anything at the Celebration II even though they were there. If they aren't at the autograph tables they won't be signing. Not because they are jerks just because if the stop and start they will never see the end of pens in their face. I did hear a few people saying they got Hayden though when they stopped him in the street so there is always hope.
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