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Thread: Medicom Vader

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    The Medicoms usually run $180 to $200. Too expensive IMO. Even so, I would buy this Vader, but all reports say his actual height is 12".

    This is the only thing that stops me from getting one, he would not really look right next to Jedi Luke if he's the same height. Vader needs to be a towering monster!

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBuck71
    How much did your Medicom Luke Skywalker cost? The 12" figures for Star Wars are my favorites. I have seen this Luke online for close to $100 or more than that. Let me know. Yeah, I'd be interested in owning the new Medicom Darth Vader too!
    About $160. Which is really expensive, but when you really want something as high calibur as this, it's sometimes worth it to pay that much. Though my wallet doesn't think so.


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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Anyone know how much these things are going for over in Japan? I figured they'd be really jacked up on ebay since they can only be found in asia.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    At that link you can see how much Luke costs at Japanese retail, 16800 yen which is about $160. Boy I wish the strength of the American dollar would go back up to what it was a couple years back.


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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Well, in the good ole U.S. you can pre-order one of these for $239.00 OUCH!

    They say it's 30cm high at BigBadToyStore, does anyone know what that converts to in inches? If this thing is tall enough, I may just fork over the cash for it...

    Here's a link to the pre-order -

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Well, now I'm sold. That's close to 14 in. Over 13.6, I believe.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    They've got a few new pics of the Medicom Vader over at

    Looks pretty nice! Unfortunately their pre-order price is $249.99.


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