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    Medicom Vader

    HOLY %$##@!
    Have y'all seen this 12" medicom vader? Looks like I had better start saving my pennies. If this is going to be a line, then the Luke jedi is starting to look more tempting, too. I would love it if Medicom continued making figures that have not been covered by marmit: biker scout, royal guard, snowtrooper, imperial gunner, etc.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    I'd love to get a 12" Medicom Darth Vader too! I have actually collected more of the 12" figures from Star Wars more than the small 3 3/4" figures. I'd love to get the Luke - Jedi Medicom too. These are really expensive, but the nicest 12" Star Wars figures I've ever seen.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Hmm, with Medicom doing these new 12 inch figures, I woulder if we will ever see that 12 inch Marmit Vader that was talked about sooo many years ago.

    I thought Hasbro was pressuring everyone to stay away from making 12 inch figures, as they usually end up embarassing and humiliating Hasbro at every turn.

    I really like Medicom's 12 inch Vader and hope to buy one.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Are there any pictures of this Vader version? I've never seen nor heard of a 12" Vader by Medicom. (not that I'm saying that it doesn't exist, I'm just not familiar with the company).
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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Steve posted it on the front page the other day, here is the link:
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Thanks. I just got back in town after a few weeks away and haven't caught up yet.


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