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Thread: Medicom Vader

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    Medicom Vader

    HOLY %$##@!
    Have y'all seen this 12" medicom vader? Looks like I had better start saving my pennies. If this is going to be a line, then the Luke jedi is starting to look more tempting, too. I would love it if Medicom continued making figures that have not been covered by marmit: biker scout, royal guard, snowtrooper, imperial gunner, etc.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    I'd love to get a 12" Medicom Darth Vader too! I have actually collected more of the 12" figures from Star Wars more than the small 3 3/4" figures. I'd love to get the Luke - Jedi Medicom too. These are really expensive, but the nicest 12" Star Wars figures I've ever seen.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Hmm, with Medicom doing these new 12 inch figures, I woulder if we will ever see that 12 inch Marmit Vader that was talked about sooo many years ago.

    I thought Hasbro was pressuring everyone to stay away from making 12 inch figures, as they usually end up embarassing and humiliating Hasbro at every turn.

    I really like Medicom's 12 inch Vader and hope to buy one.
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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Are there any pictures of this Vader version? I've never seen nor heard of a 12" Vader by Medicom. (not that I'm saying that it doesn't exist, I'm just not familiar with the company).
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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Steve posted it on the front page the other day, here is the link:
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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Thanks. I just got back in town after a few weeks away and haven't caught up yet.

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    Re: Medicom Vader

    That is unbelievable. What a great rendition of vader, I hope the final product looks as good as the photo indicates. I guess that the posted picture is that of a prototype version, right? IMO that would be the best vader yet produced.
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    Re: Medicom Vader

    Looks great! I'd be getting one if I wasnt already getting Sideshow's Vader Statue.
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    Talking Re: Medicom Vader

    I got my Jedi Luke the other day (the pictures don't do it justice). And it's amazing! The best 12" Star Wars figure I've seen. At least with a human likeness. The joints are really tight (but easy to move) and he's so poseable. The likeness is dead on, he makes the Hasbro 12" look ridiculous even the OTC ones. Though the belt was hard to get on originally, it's a piece of cake now. The only complaint I have is that the gray flap on his shirt can't be flipped down to simulate the end of the movie. The robe/cape is awesome too, with wires in the hood to get it to look like it does in the movie.

    Now you can imagine how excited I am that they're doing a Vader to go with the Luke. I think I'm going to dedicated a shelf to just these two fighting. I can't tell if this Vader is based on the latest version of ROTJ with the no eyebrows or if he has eyebrows. So awesome, and you know it's going to be superposeable. It's release is in June, you can bet I'll own it! I wonder if it'll cost more than the Luke considering the size and complexity of the outfit (though Luke's is complex too).


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    Re: Medicom Vader

    How much did your Medicom Luke Skywalker cost? The 12" figures for Star Wars are my favorites. I have seen this Luke online for close to $100 or more than that. Let me know. Yeah, I'd be interested in owning the new Medicom Darth Vader too!


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