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    Smile Cincinnati--Eeth Koth and FX-7 waves!

    Today (the 3rd) was my 27th birthday and I found myself a nice present---ALL of the figures from the recent "Non-Force-File" waves! At Wal-Mart in Eastgate. They also had some of the new GI Joes. Left a few FX-7 wave figures, LOADS of Eeths and Zuttons, and a lot of LA=ando wave figures there. Also saw a few new figures from those waves at TRU---Amidala, Imp. Officer, and a few others I can't remember now. Woo Hoo! :happy:

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    Happy birthday, Obi-Dan! That is a nice present to yourself. I'll have to start looking for the figures in my area this week.

    Out of curiosity, what GI Joes did they have?

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    They had Gung-**/Destro (2 of them) and one Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow. I got SE/SS for my girlfriend's son, who has recently gotten into the re-issued GI Joes. Apparantly he was reluctant to let them out of his sight when he went to school the next day. Destro looks a little goofy to me, but the rest look pretty cool. Star Wars figures should be articulated like that, if you ask me.
    And there's nothing better than buying eleven action figures at once, especially when it's already your birthday. (Except maybe getting them as presents!)

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    I didn't know I couldn't say **! That's funny! **-**-**! Ha ha.


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