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    frosted mini wheats rots

    i dont know if this was mentioned or not if so forgive me,today i went to my local super market and saw frosted mini wheats and another flavor that had a mini wheat holding a lightsaber a purple one like mace's and in the upper right corner it says star wars episode 3 and they had cheez-its with artoo on it and it says limited edition 3po is on top on the back it has the whole plot for episode 3 and an offer for 2 proofs of purchase and 2.99 to get a limited edition e3 poster with darth vader on it,the back of the box shows anakin and vader sidious padme w/leia buns r2 3po obi-wan and a hologram of sidious just wanted to let u guys know and give a heads up
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    Re: frosted mini wheats rots

    I saw one a few weeks back that had a DVD offer for EP1 on it. Havent spotted this one yet.
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    Re: frosted mini wheats rots

    I saw the dvd one. Is there anyone willing to eat seven boxes of mini-wheats for a free dvd? Especially Ep1?
    They are putting plot synopsies on food packaging? I guess i will need to be extre careful to avoid more spoilers.
    I can't wait for the ones that have the lightsaber spoons in them.

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    Re: frosted mini wheats rots

    Very cool, I have to check that out i want the poster. I wish it was a figure though.
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    Re: frosted mini wheats rots

    Rebelscum has pictures of the Cheez-Its, Kudos, Frosted Mini Wheats, and Rice Krispie Treats. I don't feel as bad collecting food because, you know, you can't live without it.

    I got the Mini Wheats box, but have yet to see anything else.
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    Re: frosted mini wheats rots

    Man, the breakfast ile is a very dangerous place now.


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