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  • No, I'll just play it by ear

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  • I'm avoiding Midnight Madness altogether

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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    That's still saving your money, just not saving your INCOME.

    I voted to play it by ear, I suck at saving and I already know I won't be getting everything on MM (if ever), so I'm just going to hope I have a little scratch by then. It's a pitiful plan, but it's what I did with the previous 2 MMs.
    Yep, that's what I'll be doing. I really don't think there's going to be as many figures as everyone thinks. They will probably have about 20 if we are lucky. My plan is to get as may Clones and all bad dudes. I really can careless for the Jedi. I will also get a few 12" if they look good, but that's it.
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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    I'll be playing it by ear. Last time around I found fig's early, maybe I will again. If not, that's OK. I primarily want to get the 12" ASAP as distribution and production levels seem kind of iffy (last July I found Garindin in TN. Didn't see anything else from that line since, until about a month ago Jawa's and Garindin started showing up here in DE at TRU. No Yoda or Scout Trooper though).

    At C1 I went to TRU for MM and wasn't able to get a 12" Maul. The next morning at Target I watched a guy pick the last one off the shelf. I wasn't worried 'cause I could get one at home. Never saw him again, still don't have him.
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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    For EP I I waited until the day, there was no store in my area that was doing a MM. For AOTC I went to a 24 hour Wal-Mart with my then two year old son and Wife at Midnight. I thought it was no big deal. My son is now 5 and he insist on getting the figures as soon as he can. That means yet another MM for us.

    Don't get me wrong I have been a fan since I was 7 in 1977 and saw the first movie on the big screen, maybe it is just my old age that I need more sleep. I answered to saving up due to the fact that we buy basically two collections; one for my son and one for me.

    I'm not a huge fan of the ships but I have to say that the ARC 170 Fighter (Tri-wing) is looking really nice. I might have to pick up a few of those.

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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    I'll be playing it by ear. I'm having a difficult time accepting an increase of $2 per figure. Although, it is not a financial hardship, the increase cannot be justified, and I think this will seriously impact sales to the casual collector and definitely the family that actually opens and plays with the figures. Hasbro, go down the toy aisles and compare the products available for the same price. At $4.99 I'd buy them all! At $6.99 I feel I will be eating alot of plastic in a few years. Remember the $80 Princess Leia's.

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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    I haven't saved for it, unless you consider keeping a chunk of credit open on my credit card for the day. I am keeping one of my credit cards with an open $1,000 on it, not all of which will be for the EPIII toys, but I want to be sure I have enough to get what I WANT!
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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    Avoiding it altogether...

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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    Yes actively saving money for MM and after, but not concerned with getting mint cards, as I will be buying for my loose collection. There will be alot of scrambling and damaged cards, better for me. I would like to get some 12 inch figures in nice boxes though. I hope the 12 inch line is as good as the sneak peek pictures.

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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    Ive been saving my quarters for quite awhile.. At last count I had $65.75. I have at least $200 after that and I still have another month to save. I want the lego stuff but I dont because most of the sets just parallel what hasbro is putting out. Ill probably only get figures+unleahsed.
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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    I set money aside for this that I'd been saving up since the end of last summer.

    Meanwhile, I've spent some of that already because I've found the figures early and I can tell you that there will be 32 figures available between now and April 2nd.

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    Re: Are you saving up for Midnight Madness?

    I'll get what I can get.


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