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Thread: 24 - Season 4

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    24 - Season 4

    Anybody catching this season? I must say that it's much better since they didn't bring the same people back again.

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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    Yeah I'm really enjoying this season too. So far I like it better than the last 2 years but the first season is still my favorite.

    I like the idea of having a new cast for the most part too, some of the series regulars were getting pretty annoying, namely Kim, Chase and Sherri Palmer. Getting Tony back has been nice though, I always liked him. I just wish Michelle would return but that seems pretty unlikely. I'm sure we'll see Chloe again before season's end but other than her I'd be surprised if we had any other old cast members show up.

    This series is still my favorite television show with Lost taking a close second.
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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    I like 24, there is something about the whole "if things slow down for a second have somebody walk in with a gun" school of story-making that will always appeal to me. I think this season's dastardly plot might scare people into making our nuclear facilities more secure as well.
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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    Is it just me or have they changed the style of the storytelling? IIRC, in past years it slowed down somewhat for a few episodes. This year, in places it might've slowed down (like Barus' girlfriend coming over, then the mother) it takes a different approach. The adrenaline feels highers.
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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    Yeah, I think this one's really fast paced. Of course it's easier when there's no Kim involved (1st season excepted).

    I'm surprised that there haven't been more "regulars" show up, but most of them have been whacked. However, it is nice that the writers get that for this format to work, once a character has outlasted their usefulness there's no reason for them to show up again. Palmer was a good example, because his plot line had zero bearing on the crux of the show other than being a weak red herring to make us think something else may be going on.

    I'd like to see Michelle back cause her character was good and she's really easy on the eyes. There's a season 4 prequel on the 3rd season DVD with her in it I think that I'd like to watch. Anyone seen it?

    I've read in EW that Chloe will definitely show up again later this season. I'd also like that she-assassin from season 1 and the end of S2 to show up again and do her thang. She was pretty interesting.
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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    Michelle will return! Nuff said!
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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi
    Michelle will return! Nuff said!
    Good call Jon

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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    I need to have a '24' marathon to get caught up. I tape it every week.

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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    Again, another great season. No Kim, Michelle returns, and the Mummy as the main bad guy. What else could you want?
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    Re: 24 - Season 4

    Last weeks one was preety good ( I wont spoil it for all who havent seen it), but i thought last season was a little better.

    Anyone heard the rumor that the actor who played pres. Palmer last season will make a cameo in this seasons episodes?


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