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Thread: Who knows who?

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    Who knows who?

    I've often wondered this. I see hints and inferrences but not much else. Who do you know or who have you met off the boards? I, for instance, and good friends with Rocketboy and I also happen to be Slicker's brudder.
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    Re: Who knows who?

    I have talked with Slicker on the phone onceand Mabs a few times. Everyone else has been over AIM...Lord Malakite, JJB, JMG, IJG, LTBasker, JF96, JBF, DarthQuack, LIMP, Caesar, Stillakid, and maybe a couple of others....we usually get a chat going. Want in Solo?
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    Re: Who knows who?

    I speak to KH, Brandon, JJreason occasionally, and once with Eternal Padawan on the phone.....
    AIM - Docevazan22, IJG, Stillakid rarely, Malakite, JMG a couple times, JJB sometimes and sometimes JBF (tho it's been awhile Bro ) and KH when he's around

    PM's wise I "speak" with Jedipartnr,Caesar, Darthvyn (sometimes), Dar 'Argol, Jargo on occasion (I've been meaning to send a letter I penned for sometime, I'll get to it, too busy making Dengar jokes) and Chux sometimes (tho it's usually just a quick "that was hilarious" then "Thanks man") and Pegger a few times, and I pmed back and forth with The Overlord Returns, before he disappeared

    And I've met jjreason and SethQuinn a couple times in person, but that list should be expanding in the near future I hope
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    Re: Who knows who?

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    we usually get a chat going. Want in Solo?
    That'd be great! Let me know how/when/where! PM if you want.
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    Re: Who knows who?

    Lord Malakite is my older brother. Outside of him, I have never "met" any of the other users. I would like to meet Guyute in the future some time, considering our proximity. We share a lot of interests and I would like to see how much he resembles the hulk in size.

    Outside of that, I have talked to quite a few members via AIM and would even consider them friends. Binks, Basker, KH, mab, Caesar (or is that Ken Foree you go by now?), and a lot of others. If I left you out, just ask yourself, "Have I ever been a part of one of the dirty talkin', swear filled AIM chat with other SSG users?" If you answer yes, then you are part of the group I'm talkin' about.

    And it has been awhile, mab. We'll have to discuss post-world economic collapse fates. Are we still going to get large swords, live off the land, and other such things?

    And Deadeye, he is a good buddy, too.
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    Re: Who knows who?

    Here is TX -- I have met and spoken to JediCole and DingoDad. They go to the local shows quite a bit.

    These guys are a HOOT!!
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    Re: Who knows who?

    Well, I don't know anyone here personally, but if you belong to the forums, you may already know me, because over there I'm known as Gimli88.
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    Re: Who knows who?

    I only know Darth Alex beyond mere postings. He and I usually talk over the phone and occasionally meet up.
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    Re: Who knows who?

    I met on of the posters here on SSG at the Chicago Wizard world convention, but for the life of me, I cannot remember his posting name. It will come to me in my dream tonight, but then vanish yet again when I come to the boards. I was actually changing out of my Stormtrooper armor when we met. Other than that, I have only traded a few items with others here.
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    Re: Who knows who?

    SirSteve is my daddy.

    Bobafrett, are you going to be at Wiz Chicago this year ? Let me know and we can "meet up" for a few moments if interested. I might have seen you last year in your Tusken costume but I didn't know it was "you" at the time, not til after I got home and read your posts about it.

    I do not know any of the members here personally, although I do have a cousin who registered but never posted. I've PMed, AIMed, and traded with some fine folks from here but nothing in person.

    For a long time I thought JBF and JMG were schoolmates. I knew they were in the same state and for the longest time I thought they were old buddies based on their interactions, seemed like they knew each other forever. What happened is that I took the knowledge that JBF and LM are brothers and I somehow projected that onto JMG.
    Maybe it was the zombie factor, it tends to bring people together.

    JBF and I have taken our "online friendship" off these forums and infiltrated another site which I won't detail here due to the sensitive nature of their subject matter but let me just say that overall they are very very bad people so they have it coming. By the way JBF, I haven't visited our little side venture lately because of time constraints (just don't want you to question my dedication ala Jaymz Hetfield questioning Jason Newsted ).


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