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    Help needed to remove force fx blade

    I have a Luke MR Force Fx saber that about 3/4 up the tube it is blank as if the leds have gone out. Has anyone removed the blade on one of these without damaging it as I really would like to get the blade fully operational. I have contacted MR but they couldnt help me as it was out of warranty.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Help needed to remove force fx blade

    Man, even if it's out of warranty I would think they should still try to help you. Makes me think twice before I buy a saber.
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    Re: Help needed to remove force fx blade

    Is the the Luke Jedi or Empire FX? Not that it makes a huge deal but I am curious.
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    Re: Help needed to remove force fx blade

    Hey Jedijayt,

    Sorry to change the subject a bit, but can you tell me what you were doing when the top part of the blade when dark? Did it just happen or was it due to some sort of impact? How old was it, when it started to malfunction? I so want to get a MRFFX, but I am concerned with how long it will be wickedly cool.

    Does anyone out there have good or bad experiences that can be shared about MRFFX???


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