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    Soundtrack release date?

    Call me crazy, but shouldn't we have heard something about a release date for the soundtrack CD by now? My best guess would be early May, but I can't find anything concrete about it. Not even,, or have anything whatsoever (aside from the spoiler-laden overview of the music from a couple of weeks ago).

    I'm itching to hear me some really intense Imperial March here, y'all!
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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    I'd like to find out, too. At first I thought it would hit on April 2nd, but then I thought quickly, "Wait a minute. April 2nd is a Saturday. CDs usually come out on Tuesdays." So maybe late-April, early-May we'll get the soundtrack.
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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    I had read it was due the 10th of May.
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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    Since he hasn't posted it yet, I'll fill you in. Fellow forumite Darth Alex works for a major NE Pennsylvania music chain, and the release date for the ROTS soundtrack is May 3. Apparently, Sony Classical has sent out its solicitations for upcoming releases, and this is included on it.
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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    I got a chance to hear the first track of the cd "Main Title/Aproaching The Battle" from alt.binaries.starwars Very dark...makes me even more eager to see the movie. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! I'd offer to email it, but it's 11 MB and I don't have any coverters to make it smaller here at work

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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    I'll help you out a bit. I've had this track on my computer for some time but didn't know if it was real. Link.
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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker
    I'll help you out a bit. I've had this track on my computer for some time but didn't know if it was real. Link.
    I can't fileshare at work. Is it the entire soundtrack?

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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    Wow! That sounds awesome, and it is very dark!!

    You wanna know why it's very dark? Because Prince Xizor is planning Vader's overthrow, and stewing over Leia's escape from his palace on Coruscant. And Vader is chilling, trying to figure out the best way to bring Luke to the Dark Side so he can overthrow the Emperor.

    Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's a fake. A very well-done merging of the standard opening theme and "Night Skies" from the Shadows of the Empire soundtrack. It sort of had me going until Xizor's theme (the distinctive "dun-DUN-da-DUN!" bit, if that helps) began playing. For a split second, I thought it was cool that Williams had incorporated Xizor's theme. Then I thought, "Wait, Xizor ain't gonna be in this movie!" and recalled that little gem of a CD by Joel McNeeley (yep, 1/2 of this isn't even composed by Maestro Williams).

    If you like this, I recommend the Shadows of the Empire CD. It's cool stuff.
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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    I never listened to the the SOTE soundtrack but that sucks about this song. Sorry if I got everyone's hopes up.
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    Re: Soundtrack release date?

    Apology accepted, Captain Slicker.

    If you said you had heard SOTE and listened to it regularly, then I'd have to bop you upside the head with a folding chair. But you didn't, so no harm, no foul.
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