Well, my wife just bought me the Return of the Jedi Photobusta set and I love it!

Has anyone else bought one of these sets from SSW.com?

These are 16 X 20 and come on very heavy stock. The pics are remarkably clear and vibrant. I really like these. There are 4 Photobusta sets:

ESB 16 X 20 includes 4 scenes from ESB.

ESB 20 X 30 includes 3 scenes from ESB.

ROTJ 16 X 20 includes 11 scenes from ROTJ.

ROTJ 20 X 30 includes 2 scenes from ROTJ

Each set sells for $49.99 at SSW.com! Needless to say the ROTJ 16 X 20 set offers the best value with the most pics. Here is what I got with the ROTJ set:

20 X 16 Shot of Han, Leia, Luke, Chewie and C-3PO (R2-D2's shoulder in the background) sitting in the cockpit of the Falcon.

20 X 16 Luke with lightsaber ignited standing on sailbarge, waist up shot. This is view 3 on SSW.com.

20 X 16 Luke and Vader in elevator going to see the Emperor. Luke in handcuffs.

16 X 20 Leia in Slave girl outfit close up head shot.

16 X 20 Luke in Jabba's palace hood down close up head shot.

16 X 20 Lando close up head shot.

16 X 20 Darth Vader hand out, waist up shot. This is the shot they show on SSW.com

16 X 20 Leia, C-3PO and Chewie. Leia with hand over C-3PO's mouth Chewie standing behind them. This is view 2 on the SSW.com website.

16 X 20 R2-D2 and C-3PO standing side by side on Endor. This is view 4 on SSW.com.

16 X 20 Luke and Leia, getting ready to swing from Jabba's sail barge. Full shot.

Now you may have noticed that this is only 10 pics! That's because SSW.com only sent me 10 of the 11 pics advertised on the website. My wife is sending them an e-mail about the oversight, we will see what happens. In SSW.com's defense, this is the first time anything like this has happened and I have placed a lot of orders with them. It's easy to over look a single picture in an order like this. I did however get my free promo card!

So, while I probably wouldn't shell out $50.00 for 2-3 20 X 30 pics or even 4 16 X 20 pics, the ROTJ set was well worth it IMO.