I have up for trade MOMC:

Eeth Koth
Zutton (X2 I ended up with an extra)
Shmi Skywalker
Obi-Wan Training
Luke X-Wing
Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath
Han with fashionable Stormtrooper belt
Sandtrooper (loose)

I am looking for the following POTJ figures MOMC:

Queen Amidala (Royal Decoy) (Carded or Loose)
Imperial Officer
Rebel Fleet Trooper
FX-7 (Carded or Loose)

I am also looking for a few secondary POTJ figures MOMC:

Darth Maul Sith Apprentice
Saesee Tiin
Queen Amidala Naboo Escape (Red Dress)

LMK if anyone is interested. BTW, I can also snag another TIE Interceptor for trade if anyone still need one.