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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    Didnt they make Star Wars shrinky dinks? I remember the Thunder Cat ones.
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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    This thread gave me the idea of using my vintage Star Wars cake pans as cookie molds. I bought some generic chocolate chip and sugar cookie dough and some white icing and got to work.

    I sprayed the pans with cooking spray and pressed the dough into my Boba Fett and R2-D2 cake pans. After baking them, I let them cool and then inverted the molds to get the cookies out.

    I used blue, red, and green food coloring to dye small portions of the white icing, then applied them to the cookies. So now I have a sugar Boba Fett and chocolote chip R2-D2 "big cookies" for the family Easter get-together tomorrow.

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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    That is awesome Ji'dai!! That's some really good icing work on those cookies.
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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    I just looked in my Tomart's guide and didn't see any cookie cutters. It listed cookies and cookies jars, but not cutters. I'm incline to say none were made.
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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    Hows about bring those cookie-cakes over here, I got plenty of milk
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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    Ji'dai, befpre I saw those pics I thought you made a cookie as thick as the pan!

    I didn't know they made a Fett pan.

    That is a great idea though! I might have to try it with my Artoo and Threepio pans (since mom won't use one of them for my birthday cake - and I've been asking for years! )
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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    Thanks guys. I was a little amazed at how they dough rose. I used an 18 oz tube of dough which was barely enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Still it made some thick cookies. Not much left of 'em now but the heads. I'm not sure why no one ate those parts.

    I guess you're gonna have to bribe your mom or gf to make you a Star Wars cake, Rb. They also made a Vader pan along with Fett, 3PO, and R2.

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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    There was a template for Darth Maul's head in one of the cookbooks (Darth Malts, IIRC). I don't know if that would work.
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    Re: Did they ever make?........

    Cool cookie "cakes".Might have to convince my mom to make me some

    I figured by now cookie cutters havent been made,someone would have to be selling them.Everything else is sold on eBay ;-)
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