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    SirSteve is such a hypocrite

    Earlier today you post this long, thoughtful message about how you are going to obey the wishes of Hasbro and not post images of Ep2 content, yet as soon as the images are shown online you are all over them like a dog in heat. It sure didn't take you long to post the story on the front page did it? Pathetic.

    This thread will get deleted as soon as it is posted I'm sure. Just another example of your cowardice and inability to accept the truth about your site.

    Remember, the Gooney knows....he always knows.

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    Well. He wants to put 'em online I think, he just doesn't want to lose toyfair entry by being the 1st one to post ep2 stuff. He lets guys, like yerself do it, and then shows off his stuff. At least thats what Im thinkin'.

    I'm assuimg I'd do the same. Let somebody else take the heat first.

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    But we thank you Gooney Bird for showing all these images that no one else has shown!
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    I wouldve done the same thing, let someone else do the deed without having to take the blame.

    BTW thanks for those pics Gooney, although the figures are somewhat dissapointing, its the thought and the effort by you what counts.
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    Welcome to our Forums Gooney Bird... what guidelines have I broken? (for those that don't know and would like to know why, click here). None, notta, zilch, zero. I believe you are the coward since you are the one hiding by posting the pictures on a free web site. You also registered with a free e-mail account. Well, you're sorta hidding... your IP is logged here.

    And no, this thread will not be deleted. Speak your peace...

    Your pics are nice but see, these are mostly prototypes and not the final versions. THIS is the stuff that gets everyone upset, Hasbro and the fans. Why? They are not the final products. For example, Padme doesn't come with those red things... Everyone is going to criticize these and they are not final products. Are you following me?

    Remember, SirSteve knows... he always knows... more than you know.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Please tell us that Hasbro has scrapped all of those figures and started from scratch, SirSteve. They are absolutely terrible!
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    I fail to see the hypocrisy here. Is SirSteve supposed to be a guardian for Hasbro, prohibiting strangers from seeing what other people have posted on the web?

    It's been my impression that he cannot post what he actually has, nor describe in depth such images. In my time here I have not seen him do anything of the like.

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    Jeeeez, Gooney, calm's only Star Wars figures. No need to start getting personal and nasty. I see you are new to the board, so if you ask any of us who have been here for several years, you'd find that SirStevesguide kept true to that request even with Episode 1. When the letters started getting sent, he yanked a lot of stuff. Nevertheless, I like it when SSG is the first to post info. and images, so whether he obeys or disobeys company requests is all good with me. Besides, he didn't post 'em....technically YOU did......and who cares, anyway....all they are are sadly-articulated figures like Anakin who's gonna be shelf-warming and selling for $4.99 on by summer, not military nuclear secrets, so chill bud.

    ....arrrrrrgh, ye top news story: Jack Frost Nips Eastern U.S........The Hunt for Bin Laden Continues.......Bloomberg Takes Office in NY.......Presidental Indictments Handed Down to for Unauthorized Imagery of Jango Fett....

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    I might also mention that Padme's got a smokin' body for an action figure, heheheheheheh......heh..heh...heh........heh...... ....heh......errrr...........ummmm.......yeah. I know. Someone needs a priest.


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