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Thread: NEW footage!

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    NEW footage!

    Check out the video here where it says Video: Lucas Gives Sneak Peek!
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    Re: NEW footage!

    New link, click on Lucas Gives Sneak Peek.
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    Re: NEW footage!

    I was able to navigate to the footage with the other link through my superior internet skills. They don't show much but they do show some extended Gen. G. pre-finished footage that looks pretty sweet.
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    Re: NEW footage!

    awsome! go to see GG and som ebuzz droids! plus it will be PG-13! some much dueling and lightsaber violence!!!! yes!
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    Re: NEW footage!

    Hhhhmmmmm. Cool, but I don't know about all this digital humans stuff! This movie looks like it's going to be amazing, but I just hope that the CG effects don't fake it up too much! Love the 180 arial pan around Obi-Wan though!!!
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