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    even if hasbro retorts with "they are for kids", i think most kids would like their figures to move and be placed in whatever postion they want to play with the figure in. as a kid i liked the vintage line, but when g.i. joe came out, that was the greatest thing a boy could ask for. they were cool, detailed, and articulated. you know hasbro made them, what happened?
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    Well it takes more time and effort to design and produce a multi-articulated figure like GI Joe, and therefore more money. Hasbro is interested in making the most money from having spent the smallest amount. And they know Star Wars collectors are like heroin addicts and will buy whatever crap they cramk out because of the completist mentality. So why put forth the extra effort to make a detailed articulate action figure when collectors will pay the same amount for a PVC statue of Shaak-Ti? if they produced higher quality figures, their profit margin would shrink, the investors would get angry, start asking questions, and a bunch of high level muckety mucks would get golden parachutes. The consumer never really factors into the equasion. Unfortunately.
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