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    Weekly Review: X-Wing Fighter

    I'm starting this one early because I'm splitting town for a few days for a small spring break.
    This week we're not going to discuss a figure. Instead we're talking about a vehicle, the X-Wing Fighter. Luke's preferred ride and the rebel's best fighter. And unlike some of the other fighters the name makes sense. Most of the variations take place with the box rather than the toy, with at least 5 different version of the US box only. First released in 1978 in the LP logo box which features Tatoonie Luke in the cockpit, the original X-Wing was available until 1982 when it was replaced by the "Battle Damaged" version. The notable variations to the toy itself is the Palitoy version. It has no electronics, so the nose cone is molded differently.

    Scale is always an issue when dealing with the vehicles, but ignoring that I think Kenner did an all right job. For an early vehicle it ok. Not hugh amount of detail. I dig the electronics. So the LED is in the nose rather than the tips of the guns is a downer, but the fact that's there and that there sound with it just adds to the vehicle. I not a big fan of the stickers or the molded in R2 head. And generally speaking I prefer the "Battle Damaged" version better.

    As a kid I had very few vehicles (one of the reason I like them so much now). And the X-Wing was just one of many I didn't have. But a lot of my friends had X-Wings, so I did get to play with them. One time while at a friends house I was play with his X-Wing and the wings got stuck. For the next half hour we were trying to unlock the darn thing. Really mad my friend threw on the floor and the wings fold. For some odd reason he didn't want me playing with his X-Wing after that.
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    Re: Weekly Review: X-Wing Fighter

    Never had this. Finally got one two weeks ago, first one ever.
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    Re: Weekly Review: X-Wing Fighter

    This was one of my favorite vehicles. Loved the wing effect. Ths sound I could have done without. Also didn't like the molded R2 but at least you could play with it without the need for an R2 figure I guess.

    I also prefer the battle-damaged version. Gray was a better color.

    I used to use the removeable laser cannons as missiles or to simulate battle damage. I actually never had the battle-damaged version as a kid so imagination was in effect.

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    Re: Weekly Review: X-Wing Fighter

    I 'Inherited' my older brothers ANH white version (I was 3 when ANH came out, he was 11, by the time ESB came out, I was 6 and he had outgrown his SW stuff. Good for me!) I really put this baby through her paces and it was pretty worn out by the time ESB rolled around. I then got the gray 'battle damaged version' with the tinted glass. I never realized as a kid how out of scale these ships were. Still, it makes it easier for a 6 year old to fly on missions of the upmost importance and save the galaxy. Great ship, IMO. So great Hasbro keeps re-releasing it to this very day! (Sans electronics )

    On a side note, our couch sat under our large picture window in the livingroom. Because our heating vent was there, we left a couple of feet between the couch and the wall. Made for a perfect Death Star trench.

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    Re: Weekly Review: X-Wing Fighter

    I always dug the X-wing, except that the canopy joints wore out quickly and as a kid, I really had a hard time getting the wings to go back to flight mode. I have a soft spot for the original white one with the clear canopy.
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