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    What are the chances of me finding new figures.

    I never saw the Fx7 wave at retail and I never saw the R2Q5 wave at retail. It kinda has me wondering how much trouble I am going to have getting future waves. It seems that fewer and fewer WMs are carrying new Star Wars toys.

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    The FX-7 wave is starting to pop up at Targets. The R2-Q5 wave is starting to show up more at TRU. So you never know about the rest of the waves.

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    I can't find anything, and i dont really plan on it. I have hope though.
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    Finding figures are getting harder everyday. You just have to be a hard worker and keep looking. I didn't think that our Wal-Mart would ever have anything, but every now and then a few will pop up and restore my faith. I still go on line and out of town to find what I'm looking for. Don't give up as it is easy to do,and remember it the thrill of the hunt.

    Ok,now after all that BS.It is getting hard to find them.You just have to keep looking.
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    Have patience my friends. I remember how many people were having a tough time, early in the Summer, of finding the Ketwol wave. Now they are clogging the shelves in my area. In 3-4 months time, who knows, maybe most of the FX-7 or Zutton and the Deluxe Leia wave will be the pegwarmers
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    At least you're in the continental U.S., where figures occasionally do show up. The last new figure I saw was Ketwol back in August. As I will not be back in the U.S. until April or May, I just hope I can find most of what was released since then (last August)!

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    Believe it or not, my WM is starting to get cases every other week. Found Eeth Koth and Zutton there the other day.

    I buy from ''scalpers''. Don't like it? TOUGH! :p

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    What is up with Wal-Mart's love affair with Oklahoma?! I swear it seems like the distribution pipeline ends there! We here in Texas can find NOTHING at our local Wal-Marts when the entire population just one state north gets weekly cases! This is not a new thing either. There is an infamous Star Wars customizer who's name escapes me who is from Oklahoma and always seems to have ample supplies of the latest figures when he comes to Dallas for toy shows. And yet the Dallas/Fort Worth area stores have nothing of the sort! Of course this means we usually get those figures MONTHS later, but often cheaper as Wal-Mart has marked them down by the time they show up here (like the Sabe I got on Saturday for $1.50 and the Plo Koon for $3.25!).

    As for finding the figures you want and need, I have long been a proponent of a Star Wars collectors network. However, all of us already spend so much on our personal collectons that we have a hard time finding front money to pick figures up for others across the nation. Sith Worm, Buba Fatt and I have such a network, but with only three of us all working in roughly the same area (the dreaded Star Wars "no-fly zone" of Texas), our successes are often limited at best. And there is the inevitable lag time on the money, but at least we manage to keep each other's collections up to date and avoid the dreaded "SCALPERS"! If you are fortunate enough to have a local circle of friends who are also collectors who are not greedy hoarders, you should try this kind of networking. Or perhaps engage in the fruitless, thankless task of trying to drum up a collector's club in your area using the forum of that name here on SSG. I tried but only Sith Worm and Bubba Fatt replied!

    Bottom line, be patient! And keep your eyes open. Even the dreaded eBay can be utilized to find good deals at times. After a few months, the hot figures fall out of favor with scalpers and the prices drop considerably as they try to drum up capital for the latest hot figures. Sadly, R2-Q5 still demands a high price, but look at the drop-off in R2-D2 w/Leia Hologram!
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    The infamous Star Wars customizer is Gary Weaver II. Eeh, he's not one of my favorite people...

    I buy from ''scalpers''. Don't like it? TOUGH! :p


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