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    K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    Today I found some figures that BlueSnaggles told me about at a K-mart in North Hollywood CA. When I went to pay the screen said can not sell before release date. I talked to a manager and he acted pretty clueless about why he couldn't sell them. Anyways I left empty handed. There's another story at GH about other states putting the smack down on ROTS figures.
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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    It gets even worse apparently.

    I recently signed onto the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society, and I just read four or five different reports of NO SALE experiences at K-Marts across PA today. In these examples, managers are coming to the register, confiscating the figures, and actually ordering the customers to leave the store!!!

    So let me put this in the proper perspective...

    1) K-Mart is overcharging their product by $1.00 to $1.75 more than their competitors.

    2) K-Mart rarely gets new product in compared to their competitors.

    3) K-Mart is still recovering from their bankrupcy ordeal.

    After all that, now K-Mart is coming down on their customers like a bunch of (pardon the pun) stormtroopers over figures they mistakenly released early?!?!?

    What the $&%*$*#*@ is wrong with that company??!?!?!?!?

    As much as I don't agree with some of the ways Wal-Mart treats its employees (my wife and I both worked for the company years ago at different times), I will definitely be going there, Target, and TRU for my SW shopping.

    After hearing reports like the ones I read and just described, I'd hope many of you boycott "Stew"-Mart for ROTS merchandise as well.
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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    Same thing happened to me at the Acton MA K-Mart. They had all 12 of Collection 1, Wave 1 and wouldn't sell them. I asked the manager if I could put a few on lay away (the 2 clone troopers they had) and his response was to leave or he would call security! (For attempted purchase of product)

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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    That is insane - not letting a customer purchase a product that's on the shelves!
    They would have no choice but to call security if they were to deny me a purchase because they were the ones that screwed up. I would raise all kinds of hell with them and go even higher than that particular store manager.
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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    That's ridiculous. They should let people buy them because that's the only way they'll get people to pay $1 more is by letting them get them early. I had this same thing happen to me though when the AOTC toys were coming out I was able to find the Zam and Ani speeders at WM and they wouldn't sell. I didn't get any rude remarks just the cashier calling the manager and then asking me which aisle I got them from so they could remove them. No security threats or anything.
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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    I guess i got lucky Saturday.The Kmart in my area had all 24 new figures out on the shelf. There had to be 5 cases of collection 1 and 4 of collection 2. They also had 1 case of unleashed and 1 case of Force Battlers. These were put out on purpose early to cash in while they could before Walmart and others undercut their prices. Management knew about this and got caught. My Kmart up here thought it was funny because out of all those figures all they had to take back off the shelf was 6 figures. All the others were gone in less than 5 minutes.

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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    It gets even more pitiful! I also tried to buy Sly Moore and Merry in Rohan armor from LOTR and the manager wouldn't allow that either! They rang up and he just said "Oh well that must be a computer mistake" I couldn't even convince the #$&&*( that Lord of the Rings was a different toy line!

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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    Yeah I was pretty POed about the whole thing. The sale of the product must have got out and got someone in deep crap. I was cool about the whole thing at the store. I wasn't ordered to leave. The people were not rude at all. They just played dumb and acted like they didn't know what was going on.

    Sith Lord brings up some great issues with K-Mart. Personally I hate the trashy store. I go for exclusive SW items and that's it. The store looks run down and so do the employees and most of the people that shop there. The store just looks like no one cares.

    In the end the sale of these items got to a higher authority and they had to put a stop to it, because Lucas said so. The figures shouldn't had be out and both the store and collectors suffer. Like I said I really didn't want to spend 8 bucks for a figure anyways but you know what Krap-Mart, I would have.
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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    Threatening to call security and forcing you to leave all because you wanted to purchase figures that were on the shelf? Did they just assume you had gone into the stockroom without any proof? Never mind the fact that these managers should be fired for both breaking a merchandise rule AND harassing an innocent customer, but you should call the BBB on them. Might not help, but at least you can file a report. If enough similar reports come in, maybe something will get done.

    The worst part of this is, many of the people who did get these figures will probably show up at Midnight Madness and buy more of the same ones. Then when we try to hit places like K-Mart and Target the next morning to get whatever we missed, they won't have anything on the shelf cuz of their ridiculous error.
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    Re: K-mart stops ROTS sales across US.

    K-Mart sucks.

    -Blue Snag


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