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    Question about AFA grading

    I have a few rare/variant Star Wars figures that I was thinking about getting graded but didn't know if it would be worth it. Some of them have fery minor bends and creases. I was wondering if I posted pictures of the figures and someone tell me if it would be worth sending out to get graded. I would take pictures of the flaws and all that.
    Here is what I wanted to get graded:
    R2-D2 Shooting lightsaber - packed on right
    Jedi Luke - brown vest
    Luke dagobah - short saber/long tray
    Luke xwing - short saber/long tray
    Boba Fett - half circles on both hands
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    Re: Question about AFA grading

    In my opinion the only one that would be worth getting graded would be the Fett with half circles. The short saber long tray figures can be had at a cheap price on ebay or other e-tailers and probably wouldn't be worth the grading price. I'm not sure about the R2 as I don't keep up on variants.
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    Re: Question about AFA grading

    I dont need anyone to tell me the value of a figure or grade of it. Its up to you if you want to do it, but I never would.
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    Re: Question about AFA grading

    I wouldnt personally, i have had one done and had a disagreement over the result. It is totally up to you though as has been said above. I would put thought into it first.
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    Re: Question about AFA grading

    Kidhuman is right. You can tell for yourself what the condition is. You dont need to spend your hard-earned money on it. Buy StarCases for them if you like and enjoy having them.

    AFA is a bunch of guys who make money by telling other people what they think their figures are worth. Anybody can do that. The sad part is people pay that. Life is too short. Enjoy collecting!
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