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    The Shield Season 4

    Season 4 starts tomorrow night, folks. This is just a reminder so I don't end up carrying on with a conversation with just myself.

    I love me some Vic Mackey.
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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    Well, who saw it? Come on, Tycho, I know you had to see it.

    I think I had one of these when I saw Shane at the end of the episode. Looks like he's turning out to be like the Uber Mackey. Maybe this will lead to the showdown they never got to finish at the end of Season 3.

    Was a bit sad seeing the Strike Team dissolved, however it leaves my two favorite members, Vic and Ronnie, workiing together. Tavon, wonder if he'll ever come back at all. Looked like he was on the fast road to recovery. And Lem looked lost coming back to the Barn. Man, I miss the Strike Team.

    Really not much else to say. Can't wait to see how the Shane/Antwone (I have no idea how to spell that, it's the "RESPECT!" guy played by Anthony Anderson) relationship works out. Looks like Shane is under his employment, doing his dirty work. You could tell in the past seasons Shane was always itching to get dirtier as a cop, but Vic usually kept him in line. Remember it was Vic who pulled them out of the coke business after that poison incident. Now Shane's free and look what he did. Gets found in a dead CI's house wearing surgical gloves and looking like he's covering that Antwone's (sp?) ***.

    Can't wait for next week.
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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    I did see it. I didn't have time to post comments before. The season opener really didn't give me too much to talk about.

    James said it all.

    Shane can really get on my nerves. Not because he'll do bad things and he wants to be so bad, but because he's so stupid. I'd have more respect for the character if he'd smarten-up a bit. You're right, James, he's a loose cannon and it'd be a miracle if he can continue without getting busted.

    A pal of mine bet that Vic turns in Shane to impress the new Captain so that the strike team can get put back together again. She was already leaning towards doing that in the last episode. We'll see what happens tonight. It'll be 2 more hours and 15 minutes before it comes on here in Cali. so I probably won't come back to this thread until after I've seen it and let it shock me.

    Season 3 is out on DVD now for any who still did not know.

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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    Well, it looks like this season will be pretty solid. I like the way Vic get to take control of the Drug/Gang stuff and I am really starting to hate Shane. I think Glen Close is doing a stellar job.

    The opening of Season 4 had me rolling for about 10 minutes!

    Vic unleashed!!!

    Maybe Hasbro could do a figure!!! LOL
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    I thought about Vic turning Shane in, too. But then I have to wonder the risks that would involve having Shane alive and in police custody. There's so much he knows that I would be surprised to see Vic let him go to jail alive.

    Then again, Vic did bring in Gilroy alive. So who knows.
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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    Im only able to catch the rerun on Sunday so im going to be out of the loop for most of this season (though if its anything like last seasons thread this one will die shortly ) but so far it seems to be developing okay. I like how Close's character went about instituting changes right off the bat (such as fixing the mens restroom) and seems to be more hands on, rather than concerned with image to individuals outside the barn. It will be interesting to see how Aceveda stays in the mix now that hes out, along with how Vic and Shane will deal with each other now that they arent on the same team, so to speak. Wheres Tavon!?!
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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    Quote Originally Posted by kool-aid killer
    (though if its anything like last seasons thread this one will die shortly )
    Then I will abuse . . . er, use my powers and sticky this thread. Just don't tell JT.

    Tonight's episode almost done and a so-so episode. I do like the establishment of a somewhat new Strike Team like thing, even if it is nothing compared to the old one. It has Lem back working close to Vic and Ronnie, so I am happy. Heard Tavon's name mentioned, but I wish we would get some more in depth update on him. You know, he was supposed to start rehab near the end of season 3 and that was a few months ago, right?

    Also nice to see the discussion on Shane's behavior with Vic, Lem, and Ronnie. I knew bringing him down alive and into police custody would not be a viable option. Then again, killing him probably will not do Vic, Lem, and Ronnie's careers any good. Even with Shane away from Vic, he still has to play big brother to Shane.

    And that end piece with Shane, Mara, and Vic . . . how terrible she and Shane are. For everything Vic did for them and how they treat him. Too bad Vic didn't pull out the iron and give Mara a taste of Tavon's pain. Wouldn't mind seeing that after all the crap she and Shane did last season.
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    What can I add? Tonight's episode was awesome.

    I think the police seizures of property will definitely be abused, and if Shane comes back, he'll love abusing it.

    What kind of deal is Dutch making with the DA's office? That will have some impact on the show later. He just wants to be a super-cop and Claudette's holding him back for her stubborn ethic (which is actually noble though). I'd hate to see Claudette and Dutch fall apart though, they make a great team.

    Julian's going to get himself shot if he keeps trying to "save" baby-bangers.

    Anybody want to see larger gang battles on the show? I know it's a drama, but a couple high-octane action episodes would be cool, btw.

    Oh, and I think that the mercury causing autism in Vic's son thing is a scam. They are going to lose money big time (even after the costs of divorce) trying to sue for Matthew's mistreatment. If it's not a scam, they are still going to lose and make Vic desperate for cash. I guess the writers could surprise us and have the Maki's become rich from the settlement, but the "good life, the honest way" could still come crashing down on them because of Vic's past and Shane.

    Aceveda was totally absent from tonight's episode. Was his name even in the credits? I wasn't paying attention but rather thinking about what was going on in the scenes intermixed with the cast. But Ronnie had more screen time than David this time, .

    Anyway, still a great show. If I think of anything else I'll let you all know.

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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    Yeah, Benito Martinez's name was in the opening credits.
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    Re: The Shield Season 4

    Acevada is a slimeball. Man, what an interesting insight into his character on tonight's episode.

    And this Vic vs. Shane bit has got my blood pumping. Not too smart, fell right into Vic's trap and he doesn't even know it. Also good to see he still enjoys beating people, and that new partner of his looks to be going down the same path Shane has set down and enjoying it.

    Really enjoyed the stay at home rapist bit, even seeing how Vic will put aside his pride to ask Dutch for help. Too bad Dutch sunk so low to get back to not being on the bad side of the DA's office. Claudette, too.

    Well, there's 10 minutes left, got to finish watching.
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