I know this is sorta procrastinating but let me explain my situation.

As an itinerant teacher (also known as a substitute) I had inhibitions on attending the convention in Indianapolis. However, I knew that I was locked in a long-term position this year that could last anywhere from 2 - 6 months. If it went past April, there was no way I could take a few days off, being a long term sub that would set my pay scale back to square one and it took me many school days to get to the point I am at. It also wouldn't help me in the hiring game.

The position started on December 20 and her return was up in the air. (she wanted to get back soon because this is her third leave in four years).

However, the teacher on maternity leave has postponed her arrival back twice (no doubt because of the amazing job I'm doing ) I just found out recently that she is slated to come back April 21st, a Thursday (that is when a pay period begins for our district).

If that is the case then that would leave me time to attend the convention, even if it was only for 2 or 3 days.

My query is:

a) is it too late to reserve a hotel room (money is no object )
b) I plan on flying, but if anyone out there needs me to split the cost on travel, I will gladly do that. I definitely understand that plans have been made by most of you and they should not be deviated
c) would I need to make any type of reservations for the convention itself not including hotel, car lease, etc.

I really want to go and meet the crew and originally it looked like a negative, but I found out just recently that I could probably go. I just have to get on the ball.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.