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    CIII Query

    I know this is sorta procrastinating but let me explain my situation.

    As an itinerant teacher (also known as a substitute) I had inhibitions on attending the convention in Indianapolis. However, I knew that I was locked in a long-term position this year that could last anywhere from 2 - 6 months. If it went past April, there was no way I could take a few days off, being a long term sub that would set my pay scale back to square one and it took me many school days to get to the point I am at. It also wouldn't help me in the hiring game.

    The position started on December 20 and her return was up in the air. (she wanted to get back soon because this is her third leave in four years).

    However, the teacher on maternity leave has postponed her arrival back twice (no doubt because of the amazing job I'm doing ) I just found out recently that she is slated to come back April 21st, a Thursday (that is when a pay period begins for our district).

    If that is the case then that would leave me time to attend the convention, even if it was only for 2 or 3 days.

    My query is:

    a) is it too late to reserve a hotel room (money is no object )
    b) I plan on flying, but if anyone out there needs me to split the cost on travel, I will gladly do that. I definitely understand that plans have been made by most of you and they should not be deviated
    c) would I need to make any type of reservations for the convention itself not including hotel, car lease, etc.

    I really want to go and meet the crew and originally it looked like a negative, but I found out just recently that I could probably go. I just have to get on the ball.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: CIII Query

    I am in the same boat, I have just decided I want to go. Hotel isnt really a big deal, I dont mind driving a ways to get there, Im only planning on going for like 2 days..............
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    Re: CIII Query

    What up LBC! Here I'm one of the forumites who's been talking about this the longest and trying to get all sorts of plans together, and guess what... I don't have squat done!

    Hotel is no biggey! Although I think I'm in with some of the guys here on a shared room! We may be able to squeeze one more in if you don't care! Me personally, I was plannin' on bringing my sleeping bag anyways! I could sleep under a bridge for all I care as long as I'm in Indy that weekend!(and I'm just gonna squeeze this in myself) I have a wedding on the May 7th I have to goto, and my Parents want to take me and my sister to the UK on May 8th for a week (hear that all you o'er the Ponders', I'm gonna be in t'ole country all that week ) All this right after CelebIII! I have no friggin clue how I'm gonna manage to afford all this let alone fit it all in! But, I'll find a way!
    Anyways... I was planning on going down to Delaware and meeting Dr. Evazan and meeting up with the rest of the guys along the way! However, I could swing over to Buffalo, pick you up(which would be more on the way for us) then meet those guys out there! 'Cause I think everyone I was meeting up with was planning on going on Wed, but I can wait a day! Heck if anything it would give me another day to work and make money! (if you can leave Wed that would be better, but it really isn't a big deal!) PM me and let me know, and I'll try to talk with the Doc, and see how far their plans have come!

    Oh, and as far as tickets to the event! I don't know if there's a limit of what's gonna be distributed, but no matter what, I think you do have to register, and I think being as late as it is, you can't have them sent to you anymore via mail, you/we'll just have to pick them up at "will call"!

    I love spontinaity!!! It makes things so much more interesting! Heck, Woodstock '94, I decided to go like a day or two before it started, happened to have the days off of work, and just took off! Sucked though, 'cause I think my and my buddy who I convinced to go, were like the only sober people there!

    I remember another time, I was comming home from the bars, and walked passed another buddies house about 1:30am, and all their lights were on! I thought cool maybe they're having afterhours! They quicky reminded me it was the weekend they we're going to NYC for the NFL Draft, they were leavin in about 10min, and asked me If I wanted to go..,"sure, why not" I said with only the clothes on my back! Great weekend though!

    I have a feeeling the next month is gonna be much the same!
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    Re: CIII Query

    You may be in luck. I have a room all reserved and badges (4 day) I am not able top go, my mother is having heart surgery and I cant attend. I can help you out in any way you need. The only thing I would ask, would be if you can pick me up and mail to me a SWC III Figure.

    Let me know my E-mail is


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