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    Re: Are there any pics of the Vader 12"

    Mine is out for delivery (3/21) so it will be waiting for me when I get home tonight. I'll take pictures & post them if time permits. I really hope it was worth the $$$.

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    Re: Are there any pics of the Vader 12"

    I'm looking forward to seeing some pics.


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    Re: Are there any pics of the Vader 12"

    Awesome! Thanks for posting these.

    So does it look like he comes with Anakin's jedi robe as well or not? Thanks.


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    Re: Are there any pics of the Vader 12"

    Very sweet pics man!

    I got mine today also. I took a few pics, and posted them over at the "Finding ROTS Toys Before MM" thread.

    The good things IMO:
    - The packaging is awesome, and the whole presentation of the set is well done.
    - Vaders chest armor looks great. Way better than the previous versions.
    - Anakins burnt head looks pretty gruesome (which is a plus in my book).
    - Anakins two interchangeable hands look to be very nicely detailed.
    - Finally, a more accurate height 12" scale Anakin figure.

    The bad things IMO:
    - Where the hell is Anakins Jedi robe???
    - What's up with Anakins long, bulbous neck?
    - Mabye it's just me, but Vaders gloves seem even bigger than the first 14" Vader. Looks like it's back to the old oven mitts style..
    - Vader appears to have the same helmet, cod piece & belt, boots, and clothes as the other 14" versions. Only the chest armor, gloves, and lightsaber are new.

    Overall I'm happy I bought it. It does look nice as a display piece, and someday I may bust it out and use the parts to kitbash a better Vader/Anakin set.

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    Re: Are there any pics of the Vader 12"

    Thanks for the info Reefer Shark. Too bad about not having a jedi robe though. But I'm not surprised.


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    Re: Are there any pics of the Vader 12"

    Hey no problem Randy,
    It sucks that it doesn't come with the robe, but your right, we should expect as much from Hasbro.

    btw: I take back what I said about Vaders cod piece/belt. After checking 'em out again, they do appear to be slightly different.


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