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Thread: Rehash Figures

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    Rehash Figures

    Does anyone feel that Hasbro is just giving us a bunch of rehash figures. I know that all of these figures have new sculpts. But does anyone fell that they are buying figures that they already have. First, all of the Jedi; all of them are the same Jedi from Episode 2. Then you have another C3PO and R2, then another Vader and Royal Guard. Some of these figures have there differences, but over half of the new figures are of characters that have already been made. Does anyone else feel a little frustrated that they are not really getting anything new?
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    Re: Rehash Figures

    For my tastes/needs, I agree. I don't need another R2-D2, C-3PO, Ani, Obi, etc. I do like the fact that some of the jedi are being redone with articulation for multiple poses, rather than one action pose. But, this will help my financial situation like others were discussing in another forum. Since I dont want/need all of these figures, I should be able to get everything I do want. I do have a problem with other lines that keep using the same characters. My 5 year old son loves the Galactic Heroes and we have everything up to the ROTS line. My problem is that the new line has yet another Obi to get GG, another yoda to get the Emperor, another Ani to get Dooku (I've always hated that they do this type of thing all the time with Luke). Please stop with the same characters and give us new ones, and in the case of the Galactic heroes--two packs of new/different characters

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    Re: Rehash Figures

    I don't see how SW as a toy line could even be around WITHOUT rehashes. What I think you're saying is that we've already got one of each of the figs coming out albeit in different outfits. Without making them in different outfits we'd have, what, something like just 100 figs at the very, very most. I don't like it but without rehashes I wouldn't be in the collecting biz.
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    Re: Rehash Figures

    I agree with Slicker. With the new movie they are going to release all main charcters. I expect this and its necessary to attact new collectors. I couldn't imagine this line of toys without a Vader in it. So as long as they are going to have these characters on the shelves I'm glad they aren't recarding them and tried to improve on the existing sculpts. That being said I can certainly undstand after collecting after all these years that new knee articulation is not going to make everyone spring for a new Kit Fisto.
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    Re: Rehash Figures

    As a person who was lucky enough to get the first 26 ROTS figs (minus #9 Grievous), I have to STRONGLY disagree about the alleged rehashes.

    These figs are AWESOME!

    The articulation alone sets them well apart from anything that we've seen in the past. I was looking them over again last night for the fun of it.

    Here are some examples but by no means an extensive review:
    Plo Koon- Better sculpt, Well articulated.
    Kit Fisto-while rather pale compared to his AOTC cousin, much better in the articulation area.
    Obi and Ani are older thereby demanding new figs. Their collective appeearance has change enough to warrant new figs.
    Shaak Ti-IMHO one of the best of the fist couple dozen. Improvements to articulation (though the left arm is bent at a strange angle), she has a PLEATED soft goods skirt that is Excellent! Articulated knees as well.
    Royal Guard-Maybe the best surprise of all! Compete soft goods cape with ARMOR underneath. That's a Carnor Jax/Kir Kanos custom if I've ever seen one, waiting to happen.
    Vader is one of the best ever made. And you really can't have enough Vader's, IMHO
    C-3PO-you'll just have to see this in person to really appreciate the wonderful job Hasbro has done with this 3PO. Absolutely the best 3PO EVER!
    Super Battle Droid-remember how we didn't like that the arm couldn't swivel to firing position. Well while it doesn't swivel, it is in the firing position, which makes it a perfect army builder for not only ROST, but AOTC. Now we can go back and put some firing SBD's in our dioramas or shelf set-ups.
    Count Dooku-three words "Soft Goods Cape"! Good articulation and the cape with a good sculpt of the face make this a much better representation of Dooku that you can replace in your AOTC scenes!
    Battle Droid-while the standard far BD from AOTC, but dirty tan instead, it's a welcome fig. Army builders will be out to get this one in droves!
    Agen Kolar-do you really want that schmuck of an Agen that Hasbro was trying to push off on us in the Jedi Council scenes? I don't and the ROTS one TOTALLY fits the bill, not only for ROTS but again for Arena scene in AOTC.

    Now some I've forgotten off hand, but I can tell you I'm completely satisfied with this batch of figs. Looking forward to some of the other ones, we can take note that Hasbro has again outdid itse;f with articulation.
    Take into account:
    Saesee Tiin-again a matter of articulation that plays well for both ROTS and AOTC.
    Luminara Unduli-do you really want to be sitting with a webshooting Luminara only? The new one is most excellent in articulation!. Only thing needed is an outer robe, but other than that, MUCH beeter than it's AOTC predecessor!
    Aayla Secura-Ah the Blue Buttery Goodness of a Twi'Lek never looked better. Much improved articulation makes this a must have fig!

    So, if you're just looking to have one rendition only of the fig and are not opening it up and don't care about collecting different carded lines then fine, don't get these figs.

    BUT! If you're looking for the best renditions to date of these characters, then collecting ROTS figures is the way to go!

    I can honestly say that Hasbro has put the fun back into the figures!

    They've allowed us the opportunity of posing them as WE wish, instead of giving us one pose wonders or limited poseability.

    Now go out and buy those toys!

    Respectfully submitted,
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    Re: Rehash Figures

    Rehashes are figures using old parts of other figures. These are resculpts.

    Anyway, I think it's good that we're getting new versions of old characters. The new Count Dooku is really great, even though we already have four or five versions of him. The same goes for all the other Jedi that are coming out again with enhanced articulation and better sculpting. And even if you have 15 C-3POs, you have to get the new one. It's perfect!

    It's important for Hasbro to keep these characters on the shelves. A little kid who likes Ki-Adi-Mundi isn't going to go on eBay to get the AOTC version, he wants the one in the store.
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    Re: Rehash Figures

    Agree with Slicker and dindae...

    I think from my point of view, having been a collector for about 6 years now, and now having turned it over to my son, there's a lot of figures we could have done without. But we can't always look at it from that point of view. You have to realize that there are going to be a fresh batch of 6-10 years olds who might be seeing their first Star Wars movie and getting their first Star Wars toy this spring. How could they NOT have Ani, Obi, C3PO, R2-D2, and all those Jedi in there?

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    Re: Rehash Figures

    Yeah and ya gotta remember back when the original movies came out there were releases of each main character on all three movies card backs! There were ANH, ESB, RotJ' Lukes; Hans, Leias, Chewies, R2s, 3POs, Vaders, Stormtroopers, etc... So nothing too different than what they've always done!
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    Can't agree with you less.

    Quote Originally Posted by BFett88
    Does anyone feel that Hasbro is just giving us a bunch of rehash figures?
    I couldn't agree with you less. The only reissued figures here seem to be the Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid and Destroyer Droid (and possibly the non-droid attack Artoo). I can line without those but some of the updated versions of the characters just seem to be MUCH better than their previously sculpted releases. I am skipping those three aforementioned figures and getting twos on the sentries, guards, warriors and the like.

    You gotta put those characters in there for the first time collectors and those of us who want the new versions (with new clothes and hair-styles) of the characters.
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    Re: Rehash Figures

    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal

    Now go out and buy those toys!

    If I could I would
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