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    Star Wars section in Toyfare!!!

    I loved the new section in the Toyfare magazine this month. The breakdown of the best sculpts was great. I loved seeing all Hoth together, all imperials together, etc....nice job Toyfare!

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    Re: Star Wars section in Toyfare!!!

    I just got done reading about this on TFN and am going to have to buy this issue. I haven't bought an issue of Toyfare in several months because it just doesn't seem funny anymore but this one is gonna have to get bought by me.
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    Re: Star Wars section in Toyfare!!!

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Re: Star Wars section in Toyfare!!!

    I flipped through it. It's cool, but nothing I'd buy.
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    Re: Star Wars section in Toyfare!!!

    Well, I went ahead and picked up a copy and it was a tiny bit disappointing. There were a few obligatory glaring mistakes, missing figures, older...inferior sculpts, etc. But overall, not too bad.

    Twisted Toyfare Theater was pretty funny.
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    Re: Star Wars section in Toyfare!!!

    I loved the TTT. "S-s-s-ome hot c-c-c-c-offee, M-m-m-mr. S-s-skywalker?" "Sure, Shakey Joe!" Toyfare has gotten funny again.
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