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    Hi Guys. First Time Poster

    Hi guys. First time poster long time reader.
    Just wanted to say "Hi"
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    Re: Hi Guys. First Time Poster

    Welcome to the forums. Have a blast.
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    Re: Hi Guys. First Time Poster

    Get out while you still can. Everyone in here is crazy except for me. And sometimes I worry about me.
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    Re: Hi Guys. First Time Poster

    Who's got the requisite gift basket with POTJ Jar Jar figure?
    That's my jacket!

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    Re: Hi Guys. First Time Poster

    Welcome aboard! You may be wondering why they put a so-called 'sane' person in here with us, but you'll find out.
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    Re: Hi Guys. First Time Poster

    I'm hiding under a rock, these new posters scare me.

    Hello, from under this here rock, I keep all my Star Wars figures protected from evil hands.
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    Re: Hi Guys. First Time Poster

    How sad- JMGyute destroys his first attempt at posting here! I think you should give him his first post back, after all it does say "If it does not fit in any other category, it belongs here, like saying "Hi"." and hes saying hi... gosh!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy this site (I think this site, by far, has nicest people)!
    hurray for birthdays!


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