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    Unhappy Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    Doe's anybody know what's the deal with the "Titanium Series"
    I have searched several Walmart stores in my area and have never seen
    I've asked Walmart employees about the Titanium Series micros, and
    nobody knows anything about them......
    I've sent an e-mail inquiry to Walmart's customer service, and all they did
    was tell me to check my area Walmart's..
    Today i called the 1 800 number to hasbro, and their rep said that there
    was no information on them and that she didn't know anything about them!
    I know that they'll probably show up when you least expect them, but.....


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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    I have seen them in the Hot Wheels Aisles at 3 different WM's. And I do have all 4 of em. ALso this needs to be moved to the Micro Machines thread.
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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    They will be almost everywhere in april. Patience. Try Ebay or a few online retailers. Next waves will be very interesting !
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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    I haven't seen them here in LA ever, not even a hint of them, and at the local collectors show they go for $15 and up each... for old Galoob molds!!! Anyway, if you start a Dear Hasbro thread, I'll back ya (or if you want this one moved to that section, I'll do it). I had to move it to Micro Machines from Comments/Suggestions because that forum is only about issues pertaining to the site.
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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    It's really wierd here too, I've only seen them at one Wal-mart. They have them on 4 pegs around the NASCAR stuff and then they have some at the end of an aisle with about maybe 16 short pegs (that could fit like 2 each on'em). But the only difference thing about this Wal-Mart from others around here is that it was recently built. They're also the only one with a decent LEGO section. Wal-Marts are too consistently inconsistent nowadays.
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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    The Titanium series are the Die-cast ships aren't they. First wave was rehash city, with the X-Wing, TIE, Falcon and Slave One. The upcoming set is the Republic Gunship and Y-Wing.
    These have made it to France and the UK, the first wave that is.

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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    Yeah, wave 1 was rehashes: TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, and the X-wing.
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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    Forgive what I said about rehashes, wave 2 appears to be new stuff all around, check out the other thread.

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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    A big thanks to JEDI TRICKS for moving my thread
    to the micromachine section.
    Also, sorry for such a slow reply.
    Right now i don't have a computer, and i have to
    go to the public library to get on the net!
    I really feel that the "Titanium Series" ships will
    show up very soon.....
    I HOPE.
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    Re: Micromachines "Titanium Series"

    No problem, I was glad to be able to help.

    I am very much looking forward to getting the new ships in this series, as well as the Y-wing which I somehow never got on its first release. I hit 2 WMs this week but no dice so far.


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