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    I smell a Deluxe Womprat! Eh hee hee hee! Besides creatures THAT large hangin' round, noone would be in Mos Eisley streets! Besides don't Womprats have a huge temprement on them?

    I think a new and more accurate Outrider would be great!

    Also I would want the Moldy Crow. Kyle Katarn's ship. Now that'd be cool!
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    I sort of agree with JediCole about making film characters before EU characters, but that's not what this thread is about. SO...

    Wild Karrde Action VI Transport playset/carry case with exclusive Talon Karrde figure.

    Hound's Tooth freighter with Bossk figure.

    Punishing One with Dengar.

    IG-2000 with IG-88.

    Mist Hunter with Zuckuss and or 4-LOM (technically, this isn't EU because it shows up in the Alliance fleet at the end of ESB)

    Corran Horn's X-Wing with green color scheme.

    Prince Xizor's Virago

    Guri's Stinger

    A Chiss "clawship" TIE fighter hybrid.

    A Yuuzhan Vong "coral skipper"

    Z-95 Headhunter.



    Lando Calrissian's Lady Luck Sorusuub 3000 Luxury Yacht.

    Suncrusher with Kyp Durron figure.

    Jade's Fire with new Mara Jade figure.

    And more...
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    Since the Trash compactor monster from ANH only shows his/her face, then the whole monster would be an EU beast.

    So i would vote for the Dianoga creature.

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    I don't even want to think about EU beasts and vehicles until the film lines run out of possibilities (i.e. Jabba, articulated Falumpaset, articulated Fambaa for beasts, Podracers, Sith Infiltrator, Sandcrawler, Shuttle, Various Speeders for vehicles).

    However, a Moldy Crow with JK Kyle, Weegee, and Who's-her-face would be pretty sweet.

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    Exclamation yes

    The Bounty Hunters' ships would be awesome! Great idea!
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    Re: yes

    Originally posted by PloKoon2385
    The Bounty Hunters' ships would be awesome! Great idea!
    Yes! Who wouldn't want a Hound's Tooth with a resculpted Bossk figure? E-Wings and V-Wings sound cool too.


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