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    Coruscant Guards?

    How many Coruscant Guards do you guys have?

    I've only got 2.
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    I've got 3, all of'em are carded, I opened 1 and put it back in the bubble while doing some heavy re-arranging of my room and haven't taken it out yet and I got a 2nd one to put with it but haven't opened it yet and my third is for my carded collection.
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    I have one opened and one carded. There are about 50 hanging on the pegs at the Super Wal-Mart here so if they ever go down to $1.97 each, I'll be getting plenty to open along with the Gungan Warrior.
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    6 loose. That seemed like enough to stage any sort of scenes I might want in the future. If I find em for 2 bucks a pop down the road, I'll pick up some more, but at these prices, 6 seems to be enough.

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    Just 2- both opened to flank Valorum/Palpatine.
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    Just one here...he's lonely so I got him a Wuher and Porkins to hang out with...there's a visual.
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    I opened two, but I think I bought a few more than that. ( I can't remember! ) Since I have no room to do a proper "landing on Coruscant" display with a Naboo Royal Starship, and six guards, plus everyone else, it seemed pointless to open all of them yet.


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