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    Exclamation the walmart star wars celebration

    i dont fully understand what this consists of. all i know is that it runs from the april 2 and 3rd and perhaps a tent in the parking lot or something like that. i mean does anyone know anything about this? Like are they going to sell figures and stuff and just a celebration or both or what?


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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    No idea, i was wondering this myself. Ive seen the sign yet havent heard of anything being planned. Maybe they will allow their employees to line up and drill us with tomatos while we battle over little plastic toys.
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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    They are having a huge tent sale, probably similar to the 4th of July Fireworks one. It will have raffles and stuff.

    The only bad thing is they dont know if they will be doing Midnight Madness because of this. I asked at my store today and they said we havent gotten any plans to reset the toy aisle like the last time.
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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    Being able to actually buy the merchandise at Wal Mart is a reason to celebrate.
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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    Well, if it is worth it, and it is at WM, Id rather go there.

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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    No doubt, wheres Boba Frett?
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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    I dont have a Walmart near me anymore. The last time i went to one someone died in the entry way. no joke either....... Anyway i guess the real question is Walmart going to get an exclusive of any kind or promo?
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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    before or after shopping.....bummer either way...
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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    Quote Originally Posted by Rebo's_Guitarist
    No doubt, wheres Boba Frett?
    Right here! From what I understand, the tent event has 400 Wal-Marts selected to have a large tent with lots of Star Wars Merchandise, toys, figures, Lego's and is being run by an outside vendor, not Wal-Mart directly. From what I read today, we are supposed to have 2 employees out at the tent, and a cash portable register (which my store no longer has). My manager has already said that even though (my) our store has been selected, that the tent is too large for our lot, along with the greenhouse. Basically he's telling me, it won't happen, at least at our store. Lego alone is supposed to have 12 to 14 pallets of Lego merchandise for this 2 day event. This is all I know, other than some of my fellow costume club friends are going to be at some of the Illinois stores that are having the event, working outside for photo ops, and basically be set decorations.

    Stop by your local Wal-Mart and saee if they have any promotional signage up, this should give you a sign as to if your store will be one of the 400 hosting this event. DON'T call your store directly, as it seem most stores are not even aware of this event, as they just got a brief one page announcement earlier today.

    I'll be at my store in my armor regardless if we have a tent up or not.
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    Re: the walmart star wars celebration

    Oh, another way to tell, is if you see a large tent being erected on Friday the 1st. The outside company is supposed to come set up the tent that day, so it is ready for the opening Saturday morning.

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