I have a mint carded FX-7 POTJ figure available. I will gladly give it away in a trade for figures that I need.

Here are the figures I am looking for:

Mas Amedda
Chewie Dejarik
Security Droid
Han Solo (Death Star Escape)
a clean scout (can't hurt to try)

or maybe you have some extra Episode 1 stuff:

Swimming Jar Jar
Holo Sidious
Sio Bobble
Pit Droid 2 pk.
Royal Guard

or some POTF2:

a commtech Stormie
Holo R2-D2
Adm. Motti

If you don't feel comfortable replying here, you can E-mail me
at HomerJ208@cs.com Keep in mind certain figures are more preferable than others so I may refuse your offer if I am offered a different figure that I need ( ie a Commtech Stormie over a Watto).

If you have not had any feedback on this forum than I will not ship the figure until I have received mine (unless you can prove otherwise) sorry! I can provide the names of members I have dealt with on SirSteves if you have any doubts about holding up my end of the bargain. Ciao!