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    Re: Burger King Toys: How To Get Them

    The one on Tyler in Riverside, CA, had Luke, the Falcon, Wicket, Jabba, and Han. They also had a sign listing what they had. Figures were 2/$1.98 (and this appeared to be a corporate sign, not a local dealio) with the purchase of any adult combo. So my wife and I both got a combo and finished up this week's haul (since she'd gotten a Luke at a different location earlier).

    Vader is worrisome, since he's so incredibly rare and it's very easy to tell which figure is in each bag.
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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    You have to be kidding, these BK toys are trash. Well so is the Gunner, but still, LOL
    Come on dude, you know you want to collect 'em all! You gotta get into it so we can trade.


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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    Yeah I know. Walks off with head down.
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    Re: Burger King Toys: How To Get Them

    I went back today and picked up an adult combo, and paid an extra $1 and change was able to get the Falcon, and Han in Carbonite. The manager told me they had no more Vaders. At least I got one yesterday.
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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    day 2 of my chronicles of the dark side of bk employees

    hoping for the best, i returned to the location where the cashier had "promised" to search the cases for me overnight for a vader. either he earnestly searched and came up empty or he was withholding them for himself and trying to string me along. the jury's still out on that.

    at the next location, the cashier actually pulled out all of the toys that were available. including vader which he put on top of the icee machine before returning to me with the other toys. i ask him "what about that vader over there?". there's a slight pause, then an evil glint in his eyes...he responds with "I am taking it for myself! there's only 5 per case". oh thanks, like i didn't know already. i tried asking "but what about the other 4?" but to no avail. needless to say, i stormed out of there furiously. just great...BK grunts are playing mind games with me.

    well i didn't want that vader anyhow! so much for trying to complete an entire set
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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    I just grabbed a Vader off ebay (using the "Buy It Now") feature. It's worth it, trust me.

    Who wants to drive all over LA, dealing with these shady BK employees? Now I can grab the rest of them whenever I have time...none of the others will be hard to find.


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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    I just stopped at BK in Jersey for lunch. Got 2 for less than $2 with my value meal. The guy was actually pretty helpful when I asked which ones they had. Inquired about Vader, but was told they didn't have them - no matter. I don't want it that badly, and e-bay scalper prices aren't worth it. I managed to get my two faves, Han and Chewie, so I'm pretty happy. Other than Darth Maul, I'm not all that interested in the others.

    On a side note, here's hoping that Vader will use his lightsaber to slice that freaky grin off the King's face. I'm sorry, but that thing is the creepiest thing I've ever seen! I keep hearing the Psycho theme in the background everytime they show the commercial where he's at the window or in the bed with the guy, hawking his newest Jabba-inducing breakfast sandwich.

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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    Yesterday, I got Jabba and Han. I got a kids meal just to be sure I'd get one, and the guy gave me Han for free. They had the other ones as well, but he said they were out of Vaders already. He was very helpful and very nice, and I think I'm going to go back today and see what happens when I get an "adult" value meal.
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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    YESSSSS!!!!! I got all the first wave figuers, and the VADER!!! WOOHOOO! At one burgerking no less, i just walked up and asked the guy behind the counter for all the Star Wars figuers.
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    Re: Burger King Toy promos

    I took the liberty of re-ordering the bk-checklist poster by release waves (from a post earlier in this thread).

    Wave 1 is the first row, Wave 2 is the second, and so on.

    The image size is a little large (355kb), so be patient when downloading.

    Keep in mind I've read that people have been getting the toys in different orders, so your mileage my vary.


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