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    BugerKing Toy promos

    So does anyone know when they will officially be released in kids meals? I cant get a strait answer from BK.
    Sigh... For once in my life i have nothing to say...

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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    According to an internal BK pamphlet that was leaked on the Net months ago, the promotion will run from May 16th to June 26th. Here's the upper right corner.
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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    Interesting..... i had heard it begins on 4/2. Now if we could only get a release order of the different toys.
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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    Good deal, now Iknow the release date. I think a they will all be available at once or like 5 per week.
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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    See this page to get the official word.
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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    Watch SW fans like me end up like Morgan Spurlock in "SuperSize Me!" living off a steady diet of Burger King for a month just to get the promotional toys we crave.

    I myself am just glad it isn't Taco Bell again.
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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    I am looking forward to it.

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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    On GalacticHunter there are pics of the toys in the bags. The bags are see-through! You can just look and know what it is; you don't have to feel around to guess. I think I heard somewhere that you can get two toys if you buy a value menu (non-kids) so that may be the route I take for a while. This promotion is going to be very tasty.
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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    I think they should be advertising the added bonus of this promotion:

    "Eat our food to collect all the toys and watches, and you too can look like Jabba!"

    I seriously can't wait though.
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    Re: BugerKing Toy promos

    Hmmm, but will the employees be nice enough to look for one of the five Vaders in each case.

    I hope so.
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