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    Thumbs up Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    I have fresh informations on the Revell Episode 3 model kits. As previously said they will be snap kits (no glue required) but they will also come pre-painted !
    You'll just have to cut the parts off the sprues, assemble them, add the stickers and that's all !
    Final prices will be : 9,95 Euros each / 13,12 USD (for snaps) and 19,95 Euros / 26,31 USD (only for the Venator 20" glue kit wich comes unpainted).

    More pics here on :
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    Comes pre-painted? Brilliant, suits me fine! Shame the Republic Star Destroyer doesn't though, but we can't have everything eh!

    So when do these kits start to appear? I noticed that three of the local comic book/sci-fi shops have had a load of ep3 stuff in, mainly the figures and the full size anakins starfighter (that you can put figures in).

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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    These kits appear to be fairly high quality (as opposed to the old WWII fighter plane kits i used to put together as a kid anyway!) so i hope they stack up well besides my AFs!

    Sicqnus do you know if they come with stands of any sort? And do you know how closely in size to AF they are?
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    They are indeed bigger than the AF...
    Here are the sizes :
    Anakin's / Obi-Wan's JSF : 19,7cm long (7,8 inches).
    Tri-Dro´d fighter : 18,2cm long (7,2 inches).
    ARC-170 fighter : 21,4cm long (8,4 inches).
    AT-RT : 13,4cm tall (5,3 inches).

    Republic Venator Destroyer : 50cm long (20 inches).

    D7, yes they are rumored to have stands but I think it's not reliable. I saw other snap prepainted Revells in a store of my 'hood and they do not have stands (modern aircrafts, and Apache helicopter for example).
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    they look pretty cool, are they sturdy enough?
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    I like these, I thought this thread was about the models I saw come in of the X-Wing, AT-AT, and snowspeeder to my local Wal-Mart. I haven't worked on a model in a great many years. Good to see they come pre painted, as I'm not one with a lot of time to paint, let alone assemble models.
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update. has posted new pics. The article says the Revell ARC-170 and AT-RT will be European exclusives and the AMT Tank Dro´d will be an US exclusive.
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    I think the article is a little confusing at the end, I belive all the Revell kits will be European exclusives, but since the US is getting Ertl versions of the Droid Tri-Fighter and a Jedi Starfighter, they are mixing things up a little. I suspect if someone here in the US wants all the Revell kits, they'll need to look overseas for all 5. And likewise, if European collectors want any of the Ertl kits, they won't be able to get any of them in stores.

    I'm really looking forward to the Die-cast kits from Ertl, but that Revell ARC-170 looks pretty neat too.

    I suspect the first 4 photos in that article are actually not model kits at all but ILM computer models or something, they look too much like that.
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    As I stated in the other model thread, if anyone can pick up a extra ARC-170, I'll be more then happy to pay for the model and shipping fee.
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    Re: Revell Ep3 snap kits update.

    PM me once they're out and I'll do that for you, no problem.
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